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Please add statistics flat in

Please add statistics flat in the stack 0-8bb

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Do you mean flat call in the

Do you mean flat call in the big blind from 0-8bb?

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Use of HUD stats elsewhere in PT4

Hey guys,

I want to purchase this HUD, but first wanted to ask if the stats used in the HUD will also be accessible for use in reports, or if they only work on the HUD interface itself.  


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HUd bug

PRE BB 8-10 bb bug in Hand, Vpip, Flat stats

It was counted as 636 instead 174.
Fix it please.


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Hi, we have not been able to

Hi, we have not been able to reproduce this at all. Are you using this HUD only? If you also want to send us those actual hands, we can take a look, email rypac13@husng.com.

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i changed some colors and the

i changed some colors and the layout slightly how do i now save or move it to another computer?

it must be stored somewhere in pt4 files but i couldnt find which one(i guess i can just copy all of them)

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Build the desired table HUD

Build the desired table HUD in a new profile, save, then export it and import into CoffeeHUD. After that the only thing you need to do is to assign the built-in popups to your recently imported table HUD group. So in case of an update, there is no need to rearrange the panels, just import your own one.

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I said it a year ago, but

I said it a year ago, but i'll repeat it. Can you plz add the River delay cbet stats for limped pots? (BxB) it´s a really needed stat imo

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old yelow black hud style

hi, i get this hud with new design already, is there a version of hud with an old one?

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Hi, what do you mean by old

Hi, what do you mean by old one? If you're talking about unprotected stats, we don't offer any HUDs with unprotected stats.

Though you can move, delete existing or add brand new stats to any of our HUDs.

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Not working.

My bad...

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Hi, i've bought the product

Hi, i've bought the product around 2 weeks ago.
From the beginning i've encountered many issues, the biggest one is that stats reset while being in HU.
I've been bounced to 3-4 people till now but everyone answer me with 2-3 days delay and can't fix the problem. I'd like to have a refund since the product doesn't work, but noone answer me as well!

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Hey, you've only talked to

Hey, you've only talked to one person, our HUD support person. He did give you the programmer's personal skype so that the programmer can further answer your questions, that would be a 2nd person.

I think there are some issues here on your end understanding certain settings and instructions. For example, you bought CoffeeSpins, not CoffeeHUD. Another, you didn't read the setup instructions/video early on and a lot of our initial replies was helping you with those issues. We're happy to work through these issues and if the HUD doesn't work refund your money.

For your first 3 questions, we replied the same day. Your 4th question I had to reach the programmer who designed the HUD to OK giving out his personal skype to help you, which we did give to you, but it did take 3 days for that 4th question. I think that's pretty reasonable, no?

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CoffeeHud Purchase

Hey Guys,

I bought the CoffeHud today (like 11 hours ago) and till now its not working.

Just want to make sure if this is because of the 24h you need to activate it or because I missed something I have to do in order to make it work.


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Yes it takes up to 24hr

Yes it takes up to 24hr because the PT4 system requires we manually activate your HUD. It's now activated though.

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hello will this hud work on ipoker network .am using pt4 at the moment which is working fine on ipoker

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Yes it will work fine on

Yes it will work fine on iPoker.

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Hey. Question: it is possible to test the trial version

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Hi GDK, what version do you

Hi GDK, what version do you mean when you say trial? Shoot us an email and we'll talk more over there, thanks!

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Change of hud possible?

Can i modify the hud freely to suit my needs? I read sth about some "locked by creator" stuff. For example i would like to have less stacksize "ranges". 0-8bb 8bb-13bb instead od 0-8, 8-10, 10-13. 

I will probably want to change some other stuff too, remove some stats (to decrease the size of the hud)

Also, is the hud compatible with latest changes of Pokerstrs T&C? I think they banned nash charts.