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Pbogz Hyper Turbo Video Pack: A Journey Inside My Mind


A new video pack by Pbogz

Today, we present the first premium video pack created by player, coach and video author Pbogz, titled "Hyper Turbo Video Pack: A Journey Inside My Mind". Many who have experienced Pbogz's coaching first-hand or have enjoyed his shorter videos have been eagerly anticipating a video pack release by him, and with this pack, the wait is over.

Pbogz has designed this pack for beginners who are aiming to move up through the ranks. Theory, strategy and adjustments are very key in this pack. Pbogz is detailed and thorough, yet his talent for teaching enables him to explain the concepts in ways that are easy for beginners to follow. Pbogz takes a multi-angle approach to teaching in this pack, combining PowerPoint presentation slides, hand history reviews, usage demonstrations of several software tools, and his own unique twist: multiple choice pop quiz questions interspersed through-out the videos that help us own what we are learning through interactivity. Fresh and up-to-date with today's hyper turbo trends, this pack is the perfect resource for eager students in search of a comprehensive beginner-accessible introduction to heads up hyper turbo poker.



Video 1: Introduction
This is Pbogz's introduction to the pack, providing an overview of the pack as a whole. 5 minutes, 23 seconds.

Video 2: Limp C-Betting

In this video, Pbogz talks about how to limp c-bet rather than open fold, how to handle opponents that do not fold to our limp c-bets, and how to exploit opponents that fold to limp c-bets too often. 30 minutes, 1 second.

Video 3: Limping Strategy

Regs today limp more and are less aggressive in the small blind. This video talks about how to develop a limping strategy of our own, the ranges involved, and how to play against those using this strategy. 31 minutes, 6 seconds.

Video 4: Balancing Check Back Range In SB

Not all check backs are created equal. In this video, Pbogz talks about understanding what it is that opponents are checking back and how to balance our own check back range. 29 minutes, 6 seconds.

Video 5: Hand Reading

In this video, Pbogz starts with a general discussion of hand reading, proceeds to teaching through practical hand reviews, and concludes with a walk-though of how to decipher HUD stats to aid in hand reading (using CoffeeHUD as the example HUD). 32 minutes, 43 seconds.

Video 6: Beating Recs

Pbogz is joined by one of his students and together they review some of his student's hands played against recreational opponents. 1 hour, 13 minutes, 15 seconds.

Video 7: Reg Play
Strategy that works against recs won't work against regs. Here, Pbogz talks both about advanced strategies to use versus regs, and how to defend against advanced strategies. 1 hour, 16 minutes, 32 seconds.

Video 8: Multi-Tabling
In this video, Pbogz goes over valuable tips for when expanding to play more than one table at a time. 16 minutes, 43 seconds.


About Pbogz

Paul has been playing poker for over 7 years. He was one of Bodog's largest heads up sit and go winners, primarily playing the turbo speeds. When hyper turbos grew in popularity, he switched over to that format and worked closely with Coffeeyay and the HUSNG.com staking program to solidify his skills as a professional. Just as he improved his skills as a player, Paul focused on teaching his skills to others, and his coaching prowess has also grown over that time. Paul enjoys learning as well as teaching poker, and plans to add Spin and Gos to his grind in the near future. Below are a few comments from some of his students:

"I could say many great things about Paul as a person and a player but the thing that stands out to me the most is his underlying dedication to you as a player." - John T

"He isn't the type of coach that goes oops our hour is up see you next week. He sticks with you until you really grasp the concept or idea that he is trying to teach." - Chris

"He takes pride in coaching his students!" - Carlos

"He has a phenomenal poker mind and I have had the privilege of learning from him this past year." - Steve J

"What separates Paul's coaching from others is not only his ability and skill at heads up sngs but his talent for teaching." - Adam

"Paul delivers as a coach and if you are struggling or want to increase your win rate his coaching is the nuts." - Kyle C

And here are Paul's graphs as a player:

Black Chip $36-60s graph (below)

Pbogz Graph Black Chip Poker



Price: $99.99

Length: 4 hours, 55 minutes

Size: 918 MB

Format: .exe (note: This pack requires Windows and does not work in a virtual machine. We are currently working on a solution for Mac OS users. If you are a Mac OS user and are interested in this pack, please e-mail us for details.)


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How does this pack compare

How does this pack compare to zZzTILT and phl500 Present: Crushing Hyper Turbo HUSNGs? The games seem to have progressed so far during the past year alone so I'm kind of leaning towards Pbogz pack to get up to speed with today's tendencies, but at the same time I feel like I would be missing something of value given how a pack that's 2 years older is still twice as expensive. 

I'd also like to know how video 7 on reg play compares to zZzTILT Presents Crushing Regs: The Way to Beat Tough Opponents? Is it the same information just condensed in one video and with far less hand history examples to illustrate the point? 

I have experience playing hypers and was doing very well vs recreational players but last time I seriously played was in November of 2014. 

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I'm essentially trying to

I'm essentially trying to figure out whether Pbogz's pack has some new valuable information that was not available when zZzTILT's pack was being made. Does Pbogz go into the detail about concepts that zZzTILT didn't at that time? And would this pack be helpful to a person that beat the games against recreationals for a good clip in 2014? 

I wouldn't buy a beginner's pack in the first place if not for a fact that I've spent close to a year away from the game.  If that wasn't a case I would've bought zZzTILT Presents Crushing Regs: The Way to Beat Tough Opponents straight away. 

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the pbogz course has more

the pbogz course has more information on limping which is a much bigger part of the game now. it's not merely a beginners course, most low - mid stakes players that havent had coaching / independent learners will gain  value from it. the focus on limping and also the check back video will intrinsically help with reg play if you havent already incorporated those strategies into your game

i didnt like the zzztilt regs package as it was too HH heavy for me and most of the hands where readless v regs. i felt there wasnt enough theory in the pack - that's just my personal preference /  what i expected from a series solely focused on beating regs though. others may prefer hand history review and find extended theory videos that are just slides + voice tedious [infact i am sure that is why he went down the route he did].

the original zzztilt and phl500 is one of the better packages out there, and whilst some of the advice will have dated, there is so much information in those videos and its a great series.


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Thanks for the review Teddy!

Thanks for the review Teddy!

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Whats good numbers for raise open limp?



could you give me a information, what numbers of raise open limp is more tight, normally and loose? For example 5% should be tight, but is 25% loose, so we decide to leave our 10-15% of bottom range?


Kindly Regards



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40%+ is a high iso frequency.

40%+ is a high iso frequency. Generally with 30-40 ISO you can still limp bottom of your range (assuming you still have post-flop edge and your opponent's iso range isn't well constructed). Less than 30% is very low and limping will almost always be strictly better than open folding.

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Probably an over asked

Probably an overly asked question but what types of  weak Ax would you call an ai3b when on the sb(pretending we m-r)

I keep realizing the most constant way I lose huge pots is by calling ai3bs on the preflop with some weak A7o-AJo.. I always fold to 3bs with lower Ax than those against readless but nonetheless with over 1050 games tracked by PT4 I lost around 19% of those by calling pr ai3bs/open shoving with those marginal A7o to AJo, even suited in many cases as well.

Do you think it would be profitable in the long run to tighten up my pr open shoving/calling range and take those Ax off from it? I know it mainly should depend on the players range were versing but let's pretend we are readless&both at 25bbs.

Amazing video pack by the way, loved it.


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Really enjoying the video

Really enjoying the video pack. I'm just starting the playing regs section. I'm impressed with the material but also with the professional style. Big step up from the youtube videos I have watched. Well worth the 5 buy ins :)

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Thank you guys for the kind

Thank you guys for the kind words.

1) As for the min raise call range. My readless range is A7s + A8o +.. If you want you can tighten that up a little bit, but not to much.

2) Good to hear you enjoying the pack for a very reasonable price :) 



- Paul

View my coaching page.

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Hi! Thinking of purchasing

Hi! Thinking of purchasing this pack, i'm currently beating the 7s for 4% ev roi over a decent sample and probably moving up to the 15s in a few weeks. Is this pack worth it or are the topics discussed to basic for my needs. If thats the case should i be looking to buy an other pack or is coaching a better option?

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I think the best packs for

I think the best packs for you are this pack, Coffeeyay's GTO pack and Will Tipton's Pack 2 (Solving Poker).

I would probably go in that order too.

If your sample size is small and/or you struggle in the $15s, consider Crushing Hyper Turbos (zzz and phl's pack), it's a nice solid guide that a few years ago was valuable to people up to literally the highest hyper turbos (1ks), so it's still very applicable to low and mid stakes learning.

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Activation Key


I recently bought the Pbogz pack but I can't find my activation code.

What to do ?





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Hi, I just emailed it to

Hi, I just emailed it to you.


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Hi - first of all to say

Hi - first of all to say thanks for some great material. In addition - am I missing something or are the charts really not included in the pack? I mean, some of it is seen on screen during the video, but there aren't charts as JPGs or something similar to Beating Spin and Go Pack? And since printscreen is not allowed, and there is no frame-by-frame playback, it's rather inconvenient trying to create the charts on my own for study.

Also, there was the discussion on ranges 16-20 and 12BB shown. What are specific suggestions regarding limping strategy corrections below 10BB (i.e. what we can see in the Calc's window as a saved range but is never shown)?

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There were no charts

There were no charts available at the time of release. However, we're looking at potentially updating the pack this year and including charts. That laso goes for sub 10bb charts.

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Thanks - that would be great!

Thanks - that would be great!

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Activation code

Hey, I bought the video pack today and didn't receive the activation key.


Can you please send it to me? Thanks

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I just PMed it to you, but

I just PMed it to you, but check the spam folder in your email too.

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New pack needed?

I purcashed "Crushing Fish Like a Boss" a couple of years ago and at the tine didnt have the time or put the effort into learning properly, now i have i am wondering if the pack maybe slightly out dated and heard good things about this pack, should i invest in this pack or stick with my original pack? I have been playing on and off 6max sng and husngs for a couple of yrs but want to take it seriously now, I will be playing at the 3.50 lvl on PS. Any advice guys? thanks

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Pbogz would be a good next

Pbogz would be a good next step after that pack, it covers the basics pretty well, particularly for your level of play. Good luck!