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CoffeeCalcs - All the Math You Ever Need for HUSNGs

Hey guys, it's Coffeeyay here, creator of the CoffeeHUD—the best HUD on the market for HUSNGs. I've used the same design ideals that made CoffeeHUD great to make sure that CoffeeCalcs is the best calculation software for HUSNGs. CoffeeCalcs is quick and easy to use, and it has all the tools you need for your computations. If you want to make your studying faster and more productive, CoffeeCalcs will help you bring your game to the next level.

General Overview


Pre-flop shove math is easy with CoffeeCalcs: put in starting ranges and you'll instantly know the exact expectation value of your plays. It calculates EVs for all possible all-in scenarios, up to and including 4-bets. Anyone can use the intuitive interface to get the answers they need for a more profitable pre-flop game.

Preflop Shove Math


The post-flop equity tool helps you push your edge further by analyzing ranges in flop, turn, and river situations. You can develop strategies using a range versus range point of view, and analyze ranges from an exploitative hand versus range viewpoint. The software does all the combo and equity math, so you can focus on reading hands and making decisions. Just assign your villain a range—either directly or by using hand types like top pair or flush draw—pick your hand, and you'll know your equity! You can also assign yourself a range see how your ranges stack up versus those of your opponents.

Postflop Equity Math


With CoffeeCalcs, constructing a pre-flop strategy has never been easier. The pre-flop strategy planner lets you understand your own ranges by computing all of your frequencies. It is easy to move your ranges about into other parts of the software for further analysis. For example, after building your strategy in the planner, you'll know your own opening frequency and can easily compute your opponents' 3-bet shove equities to know if you're vulnerable.

Preflop Strategy Planner


CoffeeCalcs lets you analyze situations to their fullest. That's why it includes advanced features, like mixed ranges, so that you can model population play and understand how to play against tough regulars who are using mixed strategies. We know how important it is to share results with study partners and import your data into other software—that's why ranges and results are easily imported and exported both as files and as text.

CoffeeCalcs is highly efficient, because your time is valuable. The interface is intuitive and has a low learning curve, so you get results with minimal time and clicking. Every scenario you create is savable, so you will build a reference library of the spots you've analyzed.

It's not always easy to understand the results of your computations: that's why CoffeeCalcs uses advanced graphical tools to help you build your intuition. The pre-flop tool graphs both the amount of hands you can play and the EV of a specific hand, both as a function of a villain's range. The post-flop tool helps you build your understanding of range versus range strategic thinking through equity distribution graphs, which plot the equity of each hand in your range. The equity graphs let you know exactly where in your range each hand is and how strong it is, which helps you make a detailed game plan. Next street visualization will enable you to understand how a hand's equity develops on later streets—it graphs your hand's equity as a function of all possible cards on the next street.

HUSNGs continue to grow in popularity, and players are increasingly finding they need to spend more time improving their strategic thinking in order to get the edge they want. CoffeeCalcs is an incredible tool that will improve the efficiency of your study time because it is a one-stop-shop for analyzing situations and building ranges: you can solve thousands of hands at once! You will build a deeper understanding and craft a more solid theoretical game. In today's environment every edge is worth fighting for, and CoffeeCalcs will help you increase your edge like never before.

Cheers bye!


CoffeeCalcs is currently unavailable for purchase. It will be available again later in 2022. Prior purchasers can contact us for reactivations or support.

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does it work on mac os ?

does it work on mac os ?

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It doesn't work on OSX unless

It doesn't work on OSX unless you can use a virtual machine.

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Can we use this tool on two

Can we use this tool on two computers, and is this price for unlimited period

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The price is a one time

The price is a one time price, so yes. There may be a 2.0 version that costs more money in the future (similar to say, PT3 vs PT4), but that's not even nearing the thought stages.

Bug fixes and performance improvements will be free updates for buyers.

A two computer update is coming in the next week or so. That will apply to all users that have bought previously or in the future. It will only work with one person's two computers, it won't work by splitting with a friend or anything like that. Like all the products on this site, it's one purchase per person.

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hi there i read that icimizer is best for preflop play and flopzilla for post, im just wondering does this offer what both of them do or not? curious before i purchase thats all.


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Yeah it offers everything

Yeah it offers everything those two do plus a lot more besides that.

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Don´t think twice, go with

Don´t think twice, go with this one! It does all that the others do and more! :)

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Can this be used to analyse 3

Can this be used to analyse 3 max situations?

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It is heads up only.

It is heads up only.

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can i activate it on more

can i activate it on more than 1 computer if i buy it? or at least deactivate one and activate another one ?

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There will be a two computer

There will be a two computer system setup very soon, but it'll only work for two computers owned by the same person (same network/IP) upon activation.

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Please help to understand in

Please help to understand in Post -Flop Equity Math, how can i mark hands if one card would be X and another one suited (for ex: Ad Xo) ?


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Best way would be to right

Best way would be to right click on the hand you're interested in (in this case AXo) and select all the combos with the Ad in them.

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Help please :)

Hi, I have purchased the coffeecalcs, but i forgot to download it before, so i didnt put in the system id and the product id, so now im lost and i dont know what to do to start using it


Thank you in advance

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Hi, just email

Hi, just email membership@husng.com with your system and hardware IDs and we'll get you sorted out.


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No one card backdoor flushdraws

Just bought it yesterday and was very unhappy to realize that range partitioner doesn't have 1 card bckd fds in it (in flopzilla you can add those in options menu). 

Without it I can't recommend this as a better flopzilla, since 1crd bckd fds are very important in HU, and clicking through every combo of those isn't fun or even reasonable.

Cycling through tick/minus/cross everywhere doesn't look like a better way of doing things either, since in most situations you can get along without use of crosses (deletes). So adding an options menu where you can make it look and behave more like flopzilla does is crucial if you want to get that crowd. 

This soft is clearly is a superior to a flopzilla (eq distributions, two ranges at once, can pick certain combos, invert button), but you would expect that this goes without any unneeded drawbacks, both of which can be fixed in a couple of days. 

I've already recommended this software to some of my friends, but until those issues are fixed (lack of 1crd bckds first of all), I can't say that this is superior to flopzilla in every way

Great app overall. Nice job. 


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This will be added in the

This will be added in the next update, thanks for mentioning it and thanks for the detailed writeup.

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Hi - really enjoying using

Hi - really enjoying using CoffeeCalcs and think it's going to be very useful for me going forward.

In the pre-flop strategy planner, is there a way of specifying a mixed strategy for a hand?  It would be great to be able to specify e.g. limp-call x% and minraise-fold y% for a given hand.  



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This likely won't make it

This likely won't make it into CoffeeCalcs version 1.

I'll put it on the list of recommendations to the programmer for future generations (CoffeeCalcs 2 would be similar to PT1 vs PT2, though obviously this early on the focus is on updating bugs/fine tuning CoffeeCalcs 1, there is no plan currently for CoffeeCalcs 2).

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Signs miss understandings

... Whats the difference between - and x signs in range partitioner?  Some 3 rd pairs and all of them for example?

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X removes things entirely,

X removes things entirely, while - simply does not include them. This comes up often with hands that fulfill more than one type, for example if you select king high hands, but don't want to include gutshots you would X the gutshots. If you only - the gutshots you would have some King high + gutshot hands (depending on board texture) still included.

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Yea, what I thought, TX

Yea, what I thought, TX coffee...

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Any way to add antes for the

Any way to add antes for the HU part of other formats?

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If i make equity distribution

If i make equity distribution graph - range1 vs range2, can i filter out lets say top 40% from range1 and get text output like A2+, K6s+, Q8.... (maybe even 5s6s)?

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Would be nice to add text

Would be nice to add text notes to the prefined ranges. Eg below the prefined ranges browser tree.

great software, worths every penny!


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I use 2 different computers

I use 2 different computers with two different Internet subscriptions. Is it problem?

Is the program suitable for turbo HUSNG?

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Sorry about the delay. There

Sorry about the delay.

There is an issue with two different IPs usually. There are some ways that the programmer can verify that it is two computers and one person, but with two IPs it is usually tough (outside of work situations).

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Does it work with chip amounts greater than 500?


Does this work with tournament structures where you start out with, say, 1500 chips or more?


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Yes, it works up to 200bbs or

Yes, it works up to 200bbs or 5000 chips.

filps's picture
Okay, thanks

Okay, thanks

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how long until activation

how long until activation after purchasing it ?

4 card brett's picture
NVM i got it running   is

NVM i got it running


is this allowed to be used while pokerstars is running or is it prohibited while pokerstars is running like ICMIZER?

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Problem with EQ distribution

Hello Coffeeyay! I think the Equity Distribution Chart is improvable, because the equity of the first combo (that one with the greater equity) shouldn't appear at 0.0% range, it should be above the vertical of its occupancy in the range. If we take a range with a lot of combos this problem is not a big deal, but if we have for example only 3 combos in our range with 100% equity, 50% equity and 20% equity respectively, the 100% EQ is above 0 Range %, the 50% equity combo is above 33.3 Range % and the 20% equity combo is above 100 Range % when they should be above 33.3 Range %, 66.6 Range % and 100 Range %. 

I enjoy the rest of the program so much.

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Thanks for this feedback.

Thanks for this feedback. I've emailed you some follow up questions.

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Table comprehension


I attach an image where the villain is OS 15bb on average. I dont really understand why should i call QJs, QTs and JTs and should fold KQs.

I have thought about  the posibility of including some straights when they get some sets, like 9,8,7, but i'm not sure why this happens.


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No mistake, this is 100%

No mistake, this is 100% correct.

Those suited hands are just better hands (i.e. have higher equity) vs that calling range because they are more connected. For example vs 22
QJs has 50.81% equity whearas KQs has 49.43, vs ATo  QJs has 44.6 whearas KQs has only 43.59% equity. JTs fairs even better vs everything other than ATo (which it blocks). Because those suited broadway are never dominating hands but are always up against hands they are not dominated by but are drawing vs connectivity is very important, as is suitedness (that's why KQo is a super clear fold and JTs is a clear call).

You can clearly see how important connectivity is here by noting that KJs is a better call than KQs. It is able to make one more straight (789TJ) and that makes it 2 chips better :D KTs makes even more straights, but since you have ATo in the shove range getting dominated that one time makes up for those straights--if you removed ATo you'd find that it'd be the best call of the 3 hands KQs KJs KTs.

I think it is very common for players to undervalue JTs and QTs+ in all-in situations. A rule of thumb I have is that they are never folds preflop readless vs jams. Explore some other situations and see if/when that holds true :)

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  Thank you, very good


Thank you, very good explained, im exploring with ranges right now as you say.


I have another trouble with setting the villain graph. When for example i set villain on nash-call graph, i select his range and then i close that window. Then i can see the graph vs his range. But then maybe i want to change some changes on his range and then i click another time on his range. But now, when i open the window it is selected by default "nash-push", when that range was supossedly "nash-call", so i need to check the list box to "nash-call" another time.

Is there a way for maintaining that previously selected option?


Thank you.

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ya i thought it may have been

ya i thought it may have been a bug but i got the same results on ICMIZER

not sure why KQs would be left out here

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Hey, can i resize program's

Hey, can i resize program's window so its larger or smaller? Im having this 1 similar program but its in so dam small window it hurts my eyes :D

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This will be included in a

This will be included in a future update.

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Hello can you tell me is coffeecalcs allowed on Stars when the site is Open?

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i wanna know too

i wanna know too

RyPac13's picture
We emailed PS about this over

We emailed PS about this over 24 hrs ago. We're waiting on a reply and will relay it to you as soon as possible. Sorry for not replying sooner, I thought we might have a response sooner.

RyPac13's picture
You can use it while PS is

You can use it while PS is closed, but you cannot use it while PS is open. PS will update this and add it to their list of "programs you can use, but only while PS is not running" software on the next update (likely in the next 8 weeks).

So the result was as you predicted, the same as other advanced equity calculation programs.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for the response

Thanks for the response :)

much appreciated

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nash push range on coffecalcs?

i select 25/50 blind level with 500 chips each change to BBs

then i put hero in the BB

i select nash push range for villain

but it does not include Q7o which on my nash chart can be pushed for 10.3BB why does it not include it in the coffe calcs range for nash push @ 10 BB

see pic


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Are you sure you clicked

Are you sure you clicked "Compute Push/Fold Equilibrium" before looking at this? When I set it to 10bb and compute the equilibrium I get a bit different pushing range (which includes Q7o) and different calling equities as a result.

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CoffeeCalcs reactivation

Dear Sir,

I have received email confirmation that CoffeeCalcs is successfully reactivated. But when i try to run the program it starts but after show me the table with error of the process , that i do not have internet connection. But i have no problem with connection at all. I can attach the screen shot in case you will need it.

Please advice me what to do in this case,





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I've messaged the programmer,

I've messaged the programmer, Igor, just now about this. Once he gets me a response I will update here, thanks!

Update: This should be fixed now.