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thank you :)

thank you :)

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cofee calc 3bnai range

hello,your recomendet 3bnai range is 16% ,and 3bnai-callshove4% vs mr  so let,s say we have 25bb efs, if i 4bshove 23o vs your callrange whichis4% ihave 80%vs20%eq so i loose 60%of23bb,25%when i get called, thats-3.45bb and i whin 7bb 75%when i get fold +5.25bb thats +1.8bb per hand 4bshove 23o 

realy exploitable

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The default ranges aren't

The default ranges aren't meant for you to use yourself. They are just a "something has to be put there, here's a starting point."

If you buy CoffeeCalcs, you should adjust ranges according to your experience/the games you play in.

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some questions


1)can i pay by ps transfer? other payment methods are very complicated for me. (if its possible, but dont want to everybody pay like this, u can write to this post no possible and write me pm with ps account to pay, i would like buy like this everything in future also)

2)is there any problem, if i reinstall my windows and install cofeecalcs again in sense that is still 1 and the same license on same pc.

3)and i found that on my maximum screen resolution 1366 * 768 i dont see bottom of program at pre-shove and pre-planner sections, even if erase windows starting pannel and cant scroll program down somehow.

thx for answers, have a nice day :)

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Hello, I buy CoffeeCalc there

I buy CoffeeCalc there is little time and my license just been off.
Indeed when I touch I get the message: Can not validate license
I guess it is because I use regularly proxy servers.
But I always use the proceeds from the same computer and with the same mac address.
Could you contact me soon to settle this problem.

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Hi, just fill out the form

Hi, just fill out the form here - http://www.evdiff.com/#!reactivate/cu4j

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1) Our primary options are

1) Our primary options are skrill and paypal. If you can't pay that way, send us an email, membership@husng.com and we'll see if we can find another method that suits you.

2) It shouldn't be a problem, there is a reactivation page if you ever lose your activation/have issues.

3) There isn't anything we can do further currently for X * 768 resolutions. You should still be able to see all the relevant buttons, panels and information and it should be accessible though, so it should functionally work fine for you.

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thanks you rip :)

thanks you rip :)

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Glitching on Startup and Close

I am always getting a slight glitch where the title heading remains open until you mouse over it.


This is even worse when I close the programmed and the heading remains sometimes until I click refresh desktop.


This would not bother me at all expect it is triggering emails from Stars saying I am having the programmed open while using Stars.


I am pretty annoyed and worried that it is causing my entire stars roll be at jeopardy. Please help.




I run better than you.

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Hey Pete, right now it looks

Hey Pete, right now it looks like Windows can't close the program correctly. Please let me know what version of the Windows you are using. To make sure that this is the reason, next time after you close CoffeeCalcs, please run your Task Manager and check if CoffeeCals is still available in there. You would have to check two tabs tabs for that, Processes tab and Details tab. If you can see that it's still visible in there just select that process and click "End task" button at the button, it should close the program finally. Please let me know if it helps.

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Please add functionality to close automatically when PS open


Please, please, please could you add functionality to make CoffeeCalcs close when PS client is open. I have forgotten it open twice now when I opened PS client and almost got myself banned!


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hi, sorry for the late

hi, sorry for the late response, there will be program update in the next few days and the feature you requested was added. Now if there is PS client opened CCs will message users about that.

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Hey, I just tried opening


I just tried opening coffeecalcs and for some reason it says evdiff could not validate my license, I was just curious as to who I should contact

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Fill out this form -
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The problem with the

The problem with the different results when computing Push/Fold equilibrium and after that changing perspective (hero in SB / hero in BB) has not been solved. I reported this earlier for stacks deeper than 35BB's but now I can see that this is happening at any stack depth. The push range remains the same but the calling range changes from hero in BB and hero in SB. I tested this for 5, 7, 9, 11 and 14 BB deep. Can you please look into this.

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Hi. Could you add me at Skype

Hi. Could you add me at Skype please. For me everything looks fine but may be I missed something. My Skype username is YurkoPurko.

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A few questions

1. In the postflop equity math, is there a way to see the equity of a range vs. another range?

2. Is there a way to add custom hand orderings?

3. What is the plus sign button in the top left corner?

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Hi tobakudan,1. No (on to-do

Hi tobakudan,

1. No (on to-do list).

2. No. Let me know what hands ranking is missed in there and I'll add it with the next update.

3. We had some info window under that button. Window was removed but button still exist.  Will remove that button with the next update. Thanks for pointing that out.


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Thanks for the reply. For 2.,

Thanks for the reply.

For 2., I was hoping to be able to add my own custom hand rankings.

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Also, it would be nice if the

Also, it would be nice if the range vs range equity could be seen preflop as well

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to see the equity of range v

to see the equity of range v range use will tiptons free software:





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For multiway calculations

1. Hey guys, can CoffeeCalcs be used for multiway calculations, I mean with more than two players in the pot or it's just for HU? If no are you going to add these feature in the future? I think it would be useful for Spin N Go's and even MTT players.

2. If it's pretty hard to do so, maybe you could just add a section somewhere I could add dead money to calculations? I mean money like antes and/or SB and BB if players are involved from other positions.

3. It's difficult to understand at the moment what range are we working on right now when using this soft and what I mean by that there are few blue tabs in Preflop Shove Math tab which are named for ex. 1. Limp; 2. Raise %(Green); 3. Shove %?(Red); 4. Call %(Green) and we can modify range below. So how can I know which range we are modifying? 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th??? The tab should be balded in some way - it's borderlines or numbers in the tab that I was sure and there wasn't any misunderstandings.




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Hey Karolijanas, sorry for

Hey Karolijanas, sorry for the late response, because of personal issue I wasn't able to answer your question earlier.

1. No. But we definitely have plans to add 3-way calculation  in future.

2. I understand what you mean, but it is not that simple as look like. Added it to the my to-do list anyway. 

3. You can modify only the ranges that are in the green (xx%). The range in the red (?%) is resulting range, the one you can see at the main matrix / main window. To choose the range that has to be changed just click green tab xx% and the window with that range will appear.

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Email from pokerstars

Can you please add the feature where coffee calcs closes if stars is opened. I am worried about getting my account banned.

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Hi, this feature was added

Hi, this feature was added with the last update, few day ago. When there is PS client opened CCs should message you about that.

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trial version

How you can buy the program not fully evaluated its functionality?

In the trial version half does not work. Why not make the license keys is valid for a week with the ability to assess the full functionality of the program? This is a very strange approach to selling a product...

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It's a limited function

It's a limited function trial, which is not uncommon at all with software.

With PT4, you can't add or use any custom stats in their trial, for example.

It's to give you an idea of how to use the program and what it will do.

Also it lets users that only want very basic things to use it free, while users that want more advanced will have to pay without the programmer having to worry about people finding ways to extend the free trial.

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Hi, After playing around with


After playing around with the pre-flop strategy planner , i exported the charts that i wanted , but the files are saved in my computer in a non readable format which is .evd2s.I cant read this file and i searched in the web trying to open this file.
Is there any way that i could export the charts and have it in a .jpg file or sth easily opened while i am playing?
If not can you tell me a way to create a chart with a program that will let me have it in my computer easily opened at any time?
(Because creating a chart is really no point if you can only see it when you open coffecalcs)

​Thank you in advance

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Hi, evd2s is our own format

Hi, evd2s is our own format and it is not supported by any other programs. It was created to let our users share their charts with each other. But if you want to save your charts in .jpg files the easiest way to do it is to use Snipping Tool application. It is windows default program so I'm almost sure you have it on your pc. Hope this helps.

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Hi, Just a quick


Just a quick feedback,

The software is great. It is very intuitive, easy to use and powerfull. Preflop and postflop situations can be analyzed in a way that will make you a better player for sure.

However, the biggest drawback is due to all the efforts that were made to prevent for sharing. I quickly explain my situation : When i bought this software, by reading the first posts of this forum i thought that 1) i could run it on 2 computers and 2) i could run it on a virtual machine. So i bought it and planned to install it on my PC at home and on my MacBook air with virtual machine (that's the coputer i use the most).

Unfortunately, i discovered that i could only use it on a single computer because "people started sharing one license between two users". Ok... Then i tried to install it on my Macbook : i have a virtual machine Windows Seven, running on VirtualBox. The software worked well until... i rebooted. Yeah, every time i  rebooted, the software didnt recognize my license. Igor, the developper helped me and explained that, in order to prevent from sharing, the license system is pretty advanced : it's based on many hardware configurations. Seems that my VM's hardware was somehow dynamic and it wasn't compatible. I've spent hours trying to reinstall my virtual machine with different configurations (changing the .vdi into a fixed size by example), but it never worked and i just gave up. Igor told me that it was possible to make it work on a VM, i believe him but i just didn't manage to despite all the time i've spent on it.

Finally, i've installed it on my old computer at home that i rarely use (besides the fact that i'm very often not home). I'm happy when i use it because the software is great, but still a little disapointed to not being able to use it whenever i want.

Is it really worth it, all these protections ? I understand why husng protects very heavily the newest video packages. People used to watch videos and then share it and that's really not fair for the coaches that generously shared their knowledge and spent time on videos. But for a software like this one, that users need to daily use and can't "use and share" like videos, isn't it a little to paranoiac to have all these constraints ?

Finally i'd like to end this feedback with positive stuff. Even if i didn't manage to solve my problems, Igor the programmer was very kind and spent time helping me through Skype. Besides, this software is really powerfull and intuitive and that's probably the best one on the market concerning husng calculations.


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license validation issue

oftentimes when I turn on coffecalcs for like 5-10 minutes after pokerstars client was shut down my licence won't validate. What is the reason for that?


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Hi kingLeon, the thing is

Hi kingLeon, the thing is that there is no connection between license validating and PokerStars client at all. I could just be the coincidence. But anyway, if you have any filling that it isn't the coincidence feel free to contact me and I'll try to find out where is the problem.

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Can't reactivate CoffeeCalcs


Since I updated Win7 to Win10 I can't start CoffeeCalcs. I reactivated my CoffeeCalcs, and the EVDiff support team send me the e-mail saying that it was successfully reactivated, but when I start the program it still says that "Can't validate CoffeeCalcs license".

My version is 1.0.47, I don't know if the problem is related with that.

Please, any solution?

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Are you in contact with

Are you in contact with Igor?

Your issue would be best solved by continuing to communicate directly with Igor (he's the sole person for evdiff and programmer).

Team.evdiff@gmail.com will work for that.

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Ok, thank you RyPac. I'm

Ok, thank you RyPac.

I'm receiving a new computer next week, so I will wait and see if CoffeeCalcs works properly on it. If not, I will send him an e-mail. I just wanted to know if this is a common problem and has a standard solution.

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Switching computers requires

Switching computers requires an email to the programmer, that part is common.

I haven't heard of upgrade issues after the programmer says you are taken care of though, so that is likely a minor thing that can be fixed (probably due to the update of windows).

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Oh, perfect, so I will send him an e-mail when i receive the new computer. It's good to know that there are no known problems with the windows version. I have to uninstall CoffeeCalcs first in this computer and install it in the new computer, right? I think I've heard that it's a unique license.

Thank you very much!!

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Yes, you can just email Igor,

Yes, you can just email Igor, the programmer, when you are upgrading and he'll take care of you.

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CoffeeCalcs with GTORangeBuilder

Just curious....

There is both CoffeeCalcs and a video pack in which GTO play is discussed, especially in conjunction with GTORangeBuilder.

Do you find that these two tools can be used in conjunction with each other....or are they two separate tools? I have CoffeeCalcs, but am very interested in the concepts of GTO play. In fact, I have that video pack, and note that there is also a "strategy pack" on the GTORB website that you developed.

Again, separate tools, are can they be used together?  And if used together, how do you "pair them?"


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Great queston Terry. The GTO

Great queston Terry.

The GTO pack you see on our website and theirs is the same pack. Basically, Coffeeyay looked at GTO approximated situations HU and reviewed them for several hours on GTOrb, recording it, and talking about how to draw practical conclusions from that data, what it means and how you can apply it to your game to improve.

Coffeecalcs is more for estimating an opponent's actual range, and finding the best play/range against it. I'd say Coffeecalcs is generally better used for exploitative play (though not necessarily so) and GTOrb is more for optimal play and drawing real game conclusions.

Using them together to kind of compare what to do vs a more optimal strategy versus a weighted one, to see how hand ranges change against an opponent that uses each strategy would be quite applicable to real life games.

I"ll CC Adam (Coffeeyay) on this in case he wants to add anything or improve upon any of my advice here.

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Ryan is pretty spot on, but

Ryan is pretty spot on, but there are more ways to use coffeecalcs together with gto solvers. When using a GTO post-flop solver you'll need starting ranges to input, and CC can make these easier to get between the pre-flop strategy planner for doing flop starting ranges and the post-flop equity tool for finding starting ranges for turn or river play. I've found it to be one of the best ways to study turn and river spots since you can use exploitive assumptions to put yourself and villain on flop and turn play (you can do this by using the range partitioner) and then once you get to the spot where you're not sure about villain's tendencies anymore you can just take the starting ranges you ended with In CC and export them into GTO software.

CC can also let you better understand some solutions by using the range partitioner to give you more understanding behind the ranges.

In most cases CC is more useful for exploitive situations (ie places where you can put your opponent on a strategy) and GTO software better for situations where you can only put villain on a starting range and you don't want to make assumptions about what they will do with it. But there will be many places where you might want to use them synergistically either by using CC to generate inputs into GTO software, or taking outputs of GTO software and looking at them in CC afterwards.

Hope this helps!

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Custom blind levels

Hi, I'm looking to get this but I'd really like to be able to set custom blind levels. I'm not mainly HU player and I need to be able to include antes for most other tournaments in HU-stage. Is there any way to do this or could it be added?

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Hi, no, in the current

Hi, no, in the current version there is no possibility to add the custom blind levels. But if it's only about antes, you can manage it with "Min. chips difference" feature. For example if there are 100 chips in the pot already (antes) you can set min chips difference to -100 and you will get the correct visual picture on the matrix chart, but when checking values for the every cell you would have to add that 100 chips to the cell value in your mind.

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Hi. I want to bye CoffeeCalcs, but i cant use paypal and skrill, because it banned in my region. How can i buy it? I can ask some one to send on skrill or PS, but i cant buy it by my self.

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Email us. Your friend can

Email us. Your friend can send us skrill or paypal and we can process the order manually.


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whats the email?

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membership@ the URL of this

membership@ the URL of this site.

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is there a way to enlarge the

is there a way to enlarge the window???

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hi Blubbbla, it's not

hi Blubbbla, it's not possible to resize the window and right now there is no easy way to make it possible.

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Hi Yurko,

I'd like to add more tabs on the strategy planner

like shown in following pic with the plus "+" symbol (http://imgur.com/bn3f3na)

could you please update the program with this functionality personalization ... This should be no brainer long time ago to have its really nice :)

if not possible, is there any other option to help me? want to have more than 1 iso nai size..

Thank you