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Sentin's Crushing Fish Like a Boss Video Pack

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About the Video Pack and Author

In 2012, Sentin made the transition from MTT and Cash game poker into HUSNGs. He decided that he would start from the ground up, beginning at the $1.50s. He credits starting at the bottom for building the strong backbone he uses today to help him beat levels as high as $100. His main game is now $60, where he has a better than 4% ROI over roughly 10,000 games. Sentin has built this video pack solely to help players get up to and through the $30 buyin level. Whether you're just starting out at the $1.50s or struggling in the $15s, let Sentin help you get back on track by showing you exactly what he has learned by beating each of these levels. Classroom videos demonstrate key concepts at each level in an easy to understand way. Hand histories from Sentin's original games solidify these concepts and also point out areas where Sentin could've improved. And finally, extreme grind videos are a fun way to exercise the brain and improve upon key skills needed to beat these games. With a guest class and hand history by Rollinas and a special HH review at the $30 by Sentin of PokerStars Team Pro "talonchick," this pack is packed full of interesting and valuable content.

What People Are Saying About Sentin's Free Videos

"Great video. Really great. I think that almost every poker player would benefit greatly from this." - Team PokerStars Member GodlikeRoy

"This is a top quality training video, covering one specific aspect of the game in some detail and using practical examples to demonstare the basic theory. Sentin's delivery and explanation of his thought processes are very good. Whilst I think that making this video available for free is completely understandable due it being Sentin's debut, I would argue that in terms of content and reinforcing winning concepts it deserves to be a premium video. More please" - HUSNG.com User Kerrydo

"I appreciate that you took time to break down and put forth a planned lesson and then found textbook examples to illustrate that lesson's themes. Your style is smooth, calm, and consistent, which sort of produces a more intimate instruction than I get from some of the others' vids." - HUSNG.com User Movingonup87

"Sentin, this video is awesome, quite possibly the best, most informative video I've watched since I've been a member, please stick it in the standard or premium section its just to good to be on here for free! really looking forward to your next video." - HUSNG.com User Norberto

Sentin's Results

HT HUSNG Video Pack Graph for Sentin7 PokerStars

Video Pack Breakdown (free video clips directly from the pack embeded below)

Video 1 - Classroom - $1.50 buyin (24 minutes)

Sentin talks about the most important factor for destroying the competition at the $1.50 level, aggression. He goes into the 3 keys involved in implementing an aggressive strategy. He goes through slides and outlines a gameplan effective for facing a majority of opponents at this level. Sentin also goes over the basics of continuation betting and hand ranges with the last 6 minutes reviewing an example hand.

Video 2 - Hand History - $1.50 buyin (34 minutes)

Sentin reviews a pair of hand histories that exemplify and expand on the concepts from the $1.50 classroom video. Key situations include how to play in limped pots, reading your opponent's range of hands and raising your button instead of open jamming at short effective stacks.


Video 3 - Extreme Grind - $1.50 buyin (31 minutes)

Sentin grinds the $1.50 level with two major rules: No rematches and 100% button raises. He does this to demonstrate the value of aggression, showing how effective it can be against the average opponent that does not adjust well, and also to put ourselves in a wider number of postflop situations.

Video 4 - Classroom - $3.50 buyin (13 minutes)

Sentin discusses balance in heads up poker. He talks about 3-betting for both value and as a bluff. He also discusses how villains usually react to 3-bet strategies, uses ICMIZER to demonstrate what he's taught, then touches on expanding your 3-bet range.

Video 5 - Hand History - $3.50 buyin (23 minutes)

Sentin goes through games from his original $3.50 grind and discusses developing reads by factoring in what your opponent has done in the match into your current decision. He also talks a lot about bet sizing, both when betting and raising. Thinking in terms of the range of hands your opponent has is a common theme throughout the video. Sentin also discusses facing donk bets (when your opponent leads OOP on the flop), and goes over some mistakes that he made in these matches.

Video 6 - Classroom - $7 buyin (10 minutes)

In this class video Sentin goes into an in depth analysis of in position post flop play. This leads to discussions on a wide variety of "fun" topics such as using aggression to force our opponent to fold the best hand and nailing down our opponents range and then using bet sizing to extract maximum value from weaker holdings. He also continues to stress the importance of continued aggression and even argues that c-betting 100% against most opponents can be a viable strategy. He finishes off with a detailed description of population tendencies in limped pots and how to exploit these tendencies.

Video 7 - Hand History - $7 buyin (30 minutes)

Sentin reviews some of his first games at the $7 level. He examines a number of bet-sizing and gameplay mistakes he made and also discusses making tough river folds when faced with a value-heavy range. Sentin also reviews a match against a player who only 3bet-shoves or folds from the big-blind and then examines a number of interesting post-flop bluffing situations against various opponents.

Video 8 - Extreme Grind - $7 buyin (27 minutes)

In this extreme grind Sentin employs the strategy of limping of 100% of buttons whilst also maintaining a floating strategy both in and out of position. This leads to a lot of interesting post flop scenarios where he discusses concepts such as capped range, using different bet sizes based on your perceived range, over-shoving the river for both value and as a bluff, how to adjust when villian donks a super wet board and how to extract max value when your opponent probably has a draw or a weak value hand.

Video 9 - Classroom - $15 buyin (23 minutes)

Guest producer Rollinas, a talented mid stakes regular, talks about playing postflop out of position. He talks about how to make postflop adjustments based on your opponent's preflop tendencies, value betting as well as bluff catching in limped pots and a variety of raised pot situational advice including floating, when to get it in light, what to do when villain doesn't cbet, playing pairs vs draws and more. The video ends with a 5 minute sections on 3-bet pots.

Video 10 - Hand History - Various buyins (38 minutes)

Rollinas reviews play from his regular hyper turbo matches. He faces an opponent that is a bit unpredictable, and he talks about the prospects of bluffing against that opponent. He also faces an opponent that limps a lot of buttons at the stack sizes decrease, and he talks about how to play certain middling hands against those limps. Other discussion includes value betting single pairs, playing strong but non premium hands OOP facing a raise, and a general strong emphasis on hand reading and range makeup.

Video 11 - Extreme Grind - $15 buyin (33 minutes)

In this extreme grind Sentin employs the strategy of opening 100% of buttons and calling 100% of min-raises out of position. He also tries to check/raise and donk at a high frequency, mix up his bet sizing and float as much as possible. He does this to ensure that it leads to a variety of interesting post-flop scenarios which he then goes on to discuss in a high level of detail and highlights how passive our opponents tend to be when they are faced with the prospect of maintaining any sort of constant aggression on multiple streets.

Video 12 - Classroom - $30 buyin (11 minutes)

In this video Sentin discusses that this is the first level where you may encounter "thinking players" who have a greater understanding of ranges and perceived ranges and that most players still have glaring leaks that can be exploited. He further discusses how to go about finding these weaknesses by constant exploitation of our own perceived range and the incongruities found within our opponent's game. Sentin also outlines the correct use of a hud to further hone in and exploit our opponent's weaknesses.

Video 13 - Hand HIstory - $30 buyin (38 minutes)

This video comprises of both a hand history review of Pokerstars Pro 'talonchick' and also a HUD exercise on employing a game plan at the beginning of a match. In the HH review Sentin discusses concepts such as 3 bet shoving the first hand vs a reg, not over-adjusting to aggressive players, limping to trap, playing 2nd pair out of position on a dry board, value betting lower pairs when there is an Ace on the board and continually stresses the importance of maintaining your aggression in most situations.

Video 14 - Mindfulness Based Poker Stress Reduction (36 minutes)

Included in this video-pack is your own copy of Sentin's popular new mental-game video that is also available for free streaming below.


Release Date - November 1st, 2013

Release Price - $69.99

Length - 5 hours, 35 minutes

Size - 472mb

Format - MP4 Video File

Price - $69.99

Download Here after Ordering


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Is it possible to pay via moneybookers?

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Yes, just order normally and

Yes, just order normally and check the skrill/moneybookers selection instead of paypal when checking out. Email us if you have any issues with it. Thanks.

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Where to start

Hi, just a short question about the video pack: Does it make sense to watch the videos for $1,50s, $3,50s and $7s when I am already playing $15s? So is there some basic stuff for the whole pack or something like that you should see or does it even distract you or give wrong ideas for higher stakes? 
Thanks in advance.

RyPac13's picture
Having watched the pack prior

Having watched the pack prior to launch, I really do think it does make sense to watch all of the videos. The levels aren't so different that you are playing completely different in $1.50s and $15s. Sentin really starts building the basic skills needed to play winning hyper turbo poker in the $1.50 level (aggression oriented skills) and adds on as you climb the levels.
There's never a perfect "oh that's a $1.50 player bc he plays this way, while my last opponent was a $7 opponent" because players move up and down levels and have different characteristics and winrates. So if I'm a $1.50 player I'm watching every video, same if I'm at $15 player in this one.
Hope that helps.

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Can you tell me the individual ROI of Sentin at $1.50/$3/$7/$15/$30 level? And number of games at each level, please.

Sentin's picture
sure, ive included them all

Sure, I've included them all in case anyone is interested. When I  transitioned to HUHTs my plan was to move up every time I made 20BI with the intention of dropping back down if necessary., which fortunately never was.



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Nice plan, I will try this

Nice plan, I will try this also :)
So far i've played 99 3.5$ HU Hypers (since watching your video pack) with following stats:
 Count Av. profit Av. BI  ROI      Profit
    99      $0.48     $3.4  13.8%   $47.9  

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Good start! Glad to hear

Good start! Glad to hear things have been going well.
I'd be interested in hearing what the most helpful part of the pack has been for you personally.
Actually, I'd love to hear the answer to that from everyone who's bought the pack so feel free to post here with your answers.



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this video pack is a dope. It

this video pack is a dope. It changed my thinking of the heads up game already. (and i did not watched it all yet)  I recommend it for everyone who starting to play  HU.  Sentins way of giving information, and explaining things boosted my motivation even more. Thx

LaoSfa's picture
Amazing! Thank you

Thanks for making this video pack, helped me alot with my thought process and overall gameplay.
This was my first purchase on this site and I am very impressed on how well done the videos were made I haven't finished through them all and I am already doing well crushing the players on the micro levels which I had problems before which I'd normally be always breakeven or losing at some days...I'm def looking forward to improve and buy future video packs when moving up..
Definitely worth the investment for anyone who is trying to figure out what they are doing wrong and improve their game 

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Is Rollinas a winning player? Seems like he has locked his top shark fulltilt and poker stars profiles. Is there a reason for blocking the results?
I found the Rollinas vids a bit difficult. I could understand his accent, but some of the theory was a bit abstract.

Lucky HU's picture
Hey, rollinas here, I

Hey, rollinas here, I actually used to play as "Lucky HU" on FTP up until black friday, then xfered my funds to ps, and never played again until very recent days when I tried out FTP hypers action nowadays. As far as theory goes, I understand that it is abstract I also believe that there is no 100% right or wrong in poker, there are general guidelines that work best in most situations, however, when we play - every single opponent is different, and if you say that it is not true, then check your autopilot button - it is probably on. Happens to me all the time, as I am sure to most players from time to time. if you have problems with a specific subject from my vids, feel free to contact me here http://tiltbook.com/rollinas/ , and I will try to answer you asap. 

Good luck and run good !

Sentin's picture
Loruzz & Laosfa: thank you

Loruzz & Laosfa: thank you for your kind words, I am happy to hear you've enjoyed the video-pack.
AKQ: Yes, Rollinas is definitely a winning player (and a good one too!). If you look at 1:10 of the preview video for this pack (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDbthBHBh5c&feature=youtu.be) you can see his stats as of right before the pack was released (~40K games with 2.9% roi and 86K in profits with an abi of $77). 
I am not sure exactly what you mean by 'abstract theory', but if you want to post specific questions in the discussion thread here: http://www.husng.com/content/sentin-hyper-turbo-video-pack-discussionque... I can ask him to stop in and give you some clarification.



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My impressions about the videopack

First of all i'd like to say that i really enjoyed it! Before i purchased it i really had doubts if it would be useful for me, cause i'm 30$ reg with a distance around 20k games on this level and about 3.5% ROI (LoveOnlyLove). But, really after i've watched i can see how a bigger room for improvement i have. Surely, i cannot apply all the concepts which Sentin has been talking through the videos, cause at 30$ you'll most often meet some resistance.
And i was really impressed by the level of aggression, i don't know either you've chosen some hands or some other way, but when we played each other i didn't really notice that you're that aggresive. In the vids, it was just full gas! Another, and i guess the most important lesson i've learned that you should always go with your reads. It was the case (and i guess it's still is, cause it needs a lot of practice and reinforcement) when villain's play doesn't really make any sense, but still quite often i think that it's not worth risking.
But at the same time it's not an easy videopack, it's not for beginners, even though Sentin tries to show the difference betwen different levels. There're a lot of good concepts and powerful ideas, but i guess it would be quite difficult to start without any other foundation.
And the last thing Sentin is a very good coach, he can explain his ideas in an understandable and easy to follow manner.  The part with Rollinas is also quite good, but still  sometimes it's difficult to follow a hand after hand, when he kept explaining without any slides to support them.  
So, all in all, greatly recommend this pack for everyone between 1.5-30$ level, but probably for very beginners you'll need some other sources of information as well.
Sentin i also have a question, i can see that you've started playing ST 6max, is it just to try or for another course, or you see some potential in this format and gradually moving to it?

Sentin's picture
Hi Maxim, thank you for your

Hi Maxim, thank you for your detailed review, I very much appreciate it. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the pack and found it helpful even being a solid $30 reg; though I will respectfully disagree that the pack is not suited for beginners since that was my target audience when creating it. However, I think you might be saying that if you had no history at all in these games, it might be overwhelming to try to apply everything I discuss in the pack...which I don't disagree with. But I was working with the assumption that if people are on this site and are actively looking for a video-pack to purchase, they already have a bit of a foundation in the game and are therefore more likely here in search of a profitable strategy to employ at the lower limits as well as a way to develop some of the more important skill-sets they'll need later on at the higher limits (aggression, ranging, utilizing perceived range etc).
As far as the 6m ST, I'm actually only messing around with them cause I noticed I had $10 in trny dollars laying around and figured it would be a fun way to blow off some steam. However, if I keep making $4/game at the 7s I may have to rethink my future a little ;)



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BRM and fundamentals

Hey Sentin,
since I'm quite new to HU Play, I want to fully restart at the 1,50$ and cash out my remaining figures, which BRM do you advice for lower levels? Do you also discuss what are the most important aspects in HU Hypers, so I know on which parts of the game I should focus the most?

Sentin's picture
Hi there. I'd say 100BI BRM

Hi there. I'd say 100BI BRM strategy is probably best for a newer player, tho I've generally played with 50....but I always have the option to reload if needed which means it's actually much larger than that.
As for covering the most important aspects of HU hypers, yes definitely. That was pretty much my intention going into making this pack, to highlight the areas I found most of my students struggling with and present a unique strategy aimed at crushing the lower-stake games.
Hope that answers your questions and please let me know if you have any more. Best of luck at the tables.



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Bill Cosby and Britney,

Bill Cosby and Britney, please discus ?

Go forth and CRUSH !

Sentin's picture
My favorite part of the pack

My favorite part of the pack :)



TWITTER  @Sentin9&

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Made me have more fun at playing poker

A lot of times, when i decided to try new strategies or new ways of thinking things didn't run so well for me. Because when I changed a little part of my strategy while not changing the rest, i usually had to face a lot of situations where i was running bad. (Easiest example: A slowplayer typ of player now decides to minraise 100% from the button. Unfortunately he is only check-calling or check-raising his strong value hands and checkfolding the rest, which is indeed very exploitable. So this is probably worse than just standard-slowplay-limping most hands preflop). Apart from that, I forced myself into too many situations where i was having too less experience to play +EV (like 3-betting wider range OOP or check-raising air OOP postflop). So I think it's important to question one's whole strategy instead of only some parts.
Therefore this video pack is in my opinion a good general approach (meaning a whole applicable strategy) to playing good poker at lower stakes. I'm not sure, if it will turn every losing player into a winning player but at least into a losing-less-player. And in my case - I think I will become a more-winning-player.
But I'm really curious to know how huge the step from 15$ level to 60$ level is? I mean, is a winning player at 15$ with about 4-5% ROI a lot worse than a 60$ winning player with 4-5% ROI? And could you tell me in general in how far a good 60$ strategy deviates from your low stake strategy guidelines? Is "staying relentlessly aggressive 'til you have a reason to stop" still working fine there?

Sentin's picture
Hi there, I'm happy to hear

Hi there, I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the pack. As for the difference between 15s and 60s, I def would say a 4% roi player at the lower stake is most likely (tho not always) going to be substantially worse than a 4% roi player at the higer ones, only because the level of opponent they've had to face to earn those stats is likely to have been much lower. But having said that, fish are generally fish at all limits so it really all comes down to lobby respect. If you're facing nothing but good regs at the 60s (something that should happen when you first try moving up), then your roi is clearly going to suffer. But if you are a solid player and stay respectful and tilt-free, you should be able to earn lobby respect fairly quickly at which point your roi will probably return closer to where it was before.
And the same goes for using this strategy at the 60s, if you're only playing randoms and fish then it shouldn't make a big difference (unless you're rematching and they're able to adjust...tho if that's the case then they're generally not "fish"), but as I mention in the pack if you're facing thinking opponents (regardless of the limit) then you will definitely have to alter the strategy a lilttle in order to remain more balanced and less exploitable. 



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Hi I'm though 8 of the 13

I'm though 8 of the 13 videos and really getting a lot out of them. I'm struggling with raging my opponents, and often feel like they are being just as aggressive as I am, but hoping a re-watch when I'm done will cement some concepts.
Feedback-wise I think it would be great to have a PDF document with the video pack just to intruduce each one file, as I thought I had missed something when on one video you started with a 100% limp strategy. I forgot completely that there is an overview on this page for each video. If there was a document in with the download it would stop idiots like me scratching our head.
I'm have put a poker goals thread on 2p2 as i'm starting out from the $1.50s (wasn't sure if I could link to that here).
This was my first investment into my game other than PT4, and have high hopes it will prove +ev.

Sentin's picture
Hi there, I think the pdf

Hi there, I think the pdf outline is a great idea and I will definitely talk to rypac about adding one to this and any future packs. And my apologies for the lack of clarity in the limping video, that is actually just my own mistake as I meant to go back and add an intro to that video and completely forgot to do so, so sorry about that!
Also, there is a goals forum here on husng as well so definitely check that out and keep us posted on your progress.
Best of luck to you!



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Hi Sentin, Man these videos

Hi Sentin,
Man these videos are fuckin' awesome!!!
I'm playing at the $7 right now, I'm relatively new to hyper turbo althought not completely new to HU SNGs, and I decided to take your videos one at a time and give full attention to the $1.5 and $3.5 videos first, before jumping into the $7 videos.
I gotta say your style of explaining your thoughts and ideas is simply amazing, sometimes I'm simply overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of quality ideas I often replay back a few seconds and keep shaking my head in approval of how logical everything seems to be.
Every single phrase you say immediately sticks and perfectly fits in my mind, it's just like you keep answering some of my questions that I didn't even know I want to ask.
I want to make sure I digest everything you say about the microlimits before moving on to the low and mid stakes videos and I'm really anxious about that. I don't know how you got this crazy "extreme grind" idea (I also don't know if it's something common in video packs as your pack is the first I'm watching) but this mechanism of playing some extreme strategies really helps you build some skils in situations that you might (and will) otherwise encounter more rarely in real play. Also this allows you to build a flexible style (e.g. you start a game by 100% minraising, then you realize that this specific opponent requires close to 100% limping -> no problem 'cause you've already exercised "extreme grinding" with 100% limping so you know what to do).
As I have limited amount of hours/week to dedicate to poker (because of my full time job), I have a hard time balancing my play/study hours. However, I think watching and digesting these videos is 100% the best way to start and will surely increase one's expected ROI over the next games.
Now I gotta go back to the $3.5 HH but will surely leave some more feedback in the future.
Keep up the good job!

Sentin's picture
Awesome, im so glad to hear

Awesome, im so glad to hear it!
Definitely let me know if you have any questions as you work through the pack and I'll do my best to help you out.
Good luck!



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bogdan314's picture
Thanks! I'm done with the

I'm done with the $1.5, $3.5 and $7 videos (by the way, the limp extreme grinding was sooo helpful). I'm currently playing at the $7 level, so do you think I should wait until I move up to the $15 before proceeding with the $15 videos? Also same question with the $30s.

Sentin's picture
No, I don't see any reason to

No, I don't see any reason you'd need to wait to move on if you feel comfortable with the information that's already been covered. There will definitely be stuff in the later videos that will be applicable to the other limits as well.



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Couple of spots from Sentin $1 Class

Hey Sentin/Guys,
Just working through first couple of vids in the pack and got a couple of spots I would like to discuss further.
At 3:25 with the q9os 11bb you say you have compounded your error by open shoving in that spot and that you prefer mr fold,
At 7:33 you os k2os at 10bb now both these hands are nash jams at this stack depth in fact we can jam q9 wider than k2 according to nash so I guess my question is what is the though process or the difference between the two hands? plus what qx hands do you jam at 11bb qj+? what if we had q9s in this spot? mr call shove? limp? os?
20:45 j6os You go for check call line here, given reads that we have on villian i.e super passive checking back marginal sd like k high a high etc wouldnt it better to lead out here rather than risk missing value?
If Sentin or anyone has any thoughts on these spots please feel free to comment/discuss
Looking foward to watching the rest of the videos

Sentin's picture
Hi Phish, I actually think

Hi Phish,
I actually think both K2 and Q9 are suboptimal shoves vs the general fish population at the lower limits that deep since the vast majority of players are just not 3betting (or even calling) wide enough for it to be necessary. I generally don't really even start considering nash until about 8bbs vs randoms unless I've already built some reads by that point in the match. And with J6o we can definitely lead as I mentioned in the video, tho I think from what we've seen from villain so far, he's pretty unlikely to call multiple streets with hands such as Kx and Ax, and I thought he would be much more likely to call against our turn probe like he did in the K5 hand. Plus, this obviously gives him an opportunity to catch up. Or in other words, I didn't think there was really that much 'value' to miss versus his check-back range (there's definitely a bit, but I thought the pros of checking outweighed those).



TWITTER  @Sentin9&

PHISH4CHIPS's picture
Getting shallow and use of Nash vs different player types

Hi Sentin 
Thanks for the reply regards the q9 and k2 hands.
Following on from your answers about Nash not been most +ev play vs passive fish at the 10-13bb level I agree with this and would actually mr fold K2 at 10bb and limp or mr fold q9.
However my question is if we have reads that villain has been/ can be aggro then I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how you would have played both the K2 and Q9 hands? 
Can we open shove q9 vs aggro fish/reg at this depth? As I don't like mr and have to call 3bs or limp and call shove?
If we are shoving stuff like q9os at 11bb vs this player type then how do we balance our range here? Do we have to shove big Ax hands also to remain balanced?
Any thoughts from Sentin or Anyone much appreciated.

Sentin's picture
Sorry missed this one. As is

Sorry missed this one.
As is often the case in these scenarios, the answer is 'it depends'. Although you've labeled villain as being aggressive, what kind of aggressive is he? Is he a thinking player or just clicking buttons? What does his 3bs range look like at this depth? Is his range polarized or does he just shove top X%? How does he react versus limps? Does he always iso-jam or does he have a nai iso range? What about his calling range versus open shoves? Is it wide enough? Too wide?
Obviously the answers to these questions are going to vary widely depending on the type of opponent you're facing but the good news is that when you find them - or when you can answer related questions that will provide you with clues as to how you should answer these ones - the rest of the work is very simple ev calculations. Just open up an equity calculator like icmizer, plug in stack depths, perceived ranges and compare the expectations. This is obviously a bit of a tedious exercise, but doing it this way will provide you with the most accurate answer and will really help your ability to make ingame adjustments.
Best of luck.



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dogmeat's picture
Hi!   When I downloaded the

When I downloaded the videopack, video nr 14 was not included. Where do I download it?
Regards, Jorgen.

Sentin's picture
Hi there, that video is the

Hi there, that video is the free one linked at the bottom of the top post of this thread. If you'd also like to download it, you can do so using this link:: http://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=uz384dqU0XQ



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ImGen1us's picture
Very nice video sentin

Very nice one sentin, dont understand everything concepts (maybe its because english is not  my first langage) anyway will listen again and again to ensure i understand the concept. Wish some packs gonna be on sale after december 24  ;) Will snap take it! Keep crushing and best wishes to you Sentin!

Dont Let Variance Affect You!

Sentin's picture
Thanks man. If there's

Thanks man. If there's anything you still don't understand after a second watch let me know and I'll do my best to clarify. And best wishes to you as well.



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Little Feedback

Just finished the vid pack and must say that it is awesome, all the concepts are put in a manner that is really easy to digest and apply, great job with that.
Also need to say that video 14 is mindblowing, loved it, really made me aware of things that never crossed my mind and I'm really thankful to you because of that.

cheers and Good Luck. 

whaddupG666's picture

Hey, thanks for making this videopack! It really improved my game although I just watched the first four videos. Gonna finish up watching the rest of the videos soon. :)

Sentin's picture
Thanks guys, appreciate the

Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words and very happy to hear you're getting a lot out of the videos.
Best of luck.



TWITTER  @Sentin9&

tibovild's picture

Is it possible to have english subtitles with the videos ?

RyPac13's picture
We're working on potentially

We're working on potentially adding subtitles to a video pack to see how well it is received. We haven't done it yet, though. I'll make an announcement on the main page when we do.

potxus's picture
Hi,   I purchased the package

I purchased the package yesterday and its very very interesting but it would be great to see the english subtitles in the videos, my english is not 100% perfect and there are phrases that are beyond my english knowledge.

RyPac13's picture
We're working on some ideas

We're working on some ideas for subtitles.

Until then, if you have any questions about phrases that you need explained differently, try to email me what you're hearing or give me the exact time slot from the video and I'll be happy to explain it better for you.

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Hi, Is it possible to buy

Is it possible to buy only the 1,50$ and 3,50$ videos? For 20$ maybe 25$ dollars?
Thank You,

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Hi, We only sell the videos

We only sell the videos as a pack. But the concepts learned at all buyins in this pack can help a beginner, so don't fret.
If it's a budget issue, I'd recommend taking a look at the 60+ minutes of free content from Sentin, as well as the 100s of hours of free content from other instructors in the free poker videos forum.

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This Course has Been A Disaster For Me

I purchased this course about a month ago and was initially very impressed. I have watched the videos multiple times and have taken extensive notes. I like the fact that you laid out an aggressive strategy to follow, and I had high hopes when i began to put the concepts into practice. Unfortunately I have found there to be a very wide disconnect between much of what you have presented in the course and what I have experienced playing.
First of all, let me say that I play at America's Card Room and am playing the lowest buy-in Hyper Turbos, which is the $2.50 level. I have played hundreds of matches since I purchased this course and have seen my $75 bankroll grinded down to $1.18. Now I have to redeposit if I want to keep playing, but I doubt I'm going to continue.
The biggest problem has been that the overwhelming vast majority of the opponents I face are NOTHING like the opponents you talk about in the course. Maybe 1 out of 20 are like the passive opponents you show in the hand history videos who just sit there and let you run over them. Nearly all the opponents I face are much more aggressive than anything you talk about in the course and I have no idea how to adjust. They slow play a lot, shove all in a lot, and tend to get even more aggressive when they perceive how aggressive I have been playing. Over and over again you advocate staying very aggressive until given a reason not to be, but you never actually spell out in the course what those reasons might be and how to adjust. Furthermore, aggressive barreling has proven to be a disaster as well since most of these players never fold as long as they have any kind of hand. Good luck trying to push most of these players off of low pair or even an A or K high.
Another major problem I'm having is with hand reading and all the talk about perceived ranges, etc. I understand what you are talking about conceptually but have absolutely no idea how to put these concepts into practice. Success with this course seems highly dependent on making good reads and putting your opponent on a range of hands, but there is virtually no instruction on how to do this or on exactly how to think your way through a hand. You allude to these things in the hand history videos, but listening to you go through your thought process on a few hands doesn't really help me in this area. I have watched some of the hand history videos over and over again, but I just cannot make any sense of your reads. I hear you make mysterious statements like "I think I'm ahead of his range" or "I don't think there are many flushes in his range" or "I dont think there are a lot of Ax in his range," etc., and I have no idea how you are making these assumptions. Repeatedly you say we should be asking, "What can my opponent have here?" and my answer is always the same: "I have no idea!" Not that it matters, though, because most of the opponents I have played seem to have no discernible pattern to their style of play anyway. They slow play alot, call with top pair rather than raise, call down with the best hand, donk bet on the flop with a good hand. They play a hand very passively and all of a sudden make a big bet or raise on the river with the winning hand.  It seems that when they bet big they usually have a big hand no matter what your "read" may be, even when their bet seems to have no connection to how they played the hand to that point.
I cannot possibly reccomend this course for beginners. I think most beginners with this type of game will end up as frutrated and unsuccessful as I have been. There are just too many gaps in the instruction, especially when it comes to ranging our opponents and thinking our way through a hand, and the opponents they are likely to face are not nearly as passive as you say they are.
I'm sorry that I sound so negative, but I really enjoy playing these games and had hoped to find success with your course. I'm beginning to realize that since the margin for success with these games is so slight, only a few exceptional players will find success with them, and the rest, like me, are in for a very frustrating experience.

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Hi Jim, first let me say that

Hi Jim, first let me say that I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time implementing some of the information from the pack. I tried to spell everything out as simply and clearly as I could but perhaps there were some spots that I didn't do that well enough and if that's the case, I apologize for that. Having said that, from the sound of your post I think you might have a misunderstanding of the application of some of the content in the video pack so I'd be happy to give you a little helping hand and take a look at a couple of your HHs and see if I can spot any glaring problem areas or clarify some of what I tried to outline in pack. I have some prior commitments this week but I'll email you near the end of the week and we can see if we can get you back on the right track.
All the best,



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Thank you for your gracious

Thank you for your gracious response to my frustrated rant and for your willingness to help me. At this point I'm not even sure that I will continue playing anymore, but maybe I'll feel differently in a few days. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting straightened out.
Thanks again.

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No problem at all Jim, I know

No problem at all Jim, I know very well how frustrating poker can be and specifically HU hypers where every mistake and unfamiliar situation can leave you second-guessing yourself and your entire strategy, especially when you are not completely comfortable with it yet. Definitely sounds like taking a few days off to recharge can do nothing but help so forget about the game for a little while and we'll pick it up when you've had a chance to recover. Speaking of which, if you haven't watched the free mental game video I released with the pack yet (imbedded at the bottom of the first post in this thread), it might be helpful to check that out and see if anything in it stands out to you personally.
Have a good week and I'll talk to you soon,



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Hello, I would answer to Jim


I would answer to Jim (JMSCP) because I had the same "problem" , after purchasing the videos and trying to apply the concept on Hypers at 3,50 on Pokerstars I was not able to beat the game,even worst I was losing my bankroll..went from 200 $ to 100$ in a couple of days..I contacted sentin who kindly suggested me to check my HH for a discounted price! I didn't take the session because I had not enough money lol but I would have appreciate..anyway I moved down to 1,5$ and watched again the vids + other videos from this website..Things are going better now..I even reached the leaders board on sharkscope for the 1,50 (I know it can seems ridiculous but i was proud lol).

You need to know that hundred games are not enough..you need to play thousands and thousands..I don't know if I can say I am beating the 1,50 but I feel myself more comfortable when playing..the concepts in the Sentin's pack are good but you need to adapt to the game flow..don't forget most of his vids are "extreme" concepts so it shows you a way of playing but you should not apply it to every hands or every games..I take it as a tool to develop your game. You have to mix all these concepts when playing.

Of course at these limits a lot will call with bottom pair to the end but I think more than 50% will fold to aggression..and about aggression..don't overdo it..

I know it's not good for the mental when you lose but keep on working..learn from your mistakes and watch the videos again and again...because it is a good pack;-)



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Hey man, glad to hear you've

Hey man, glad to hear you've been able to turn things around and congrats on the leaderboard position!

I think you're exactly right in both that we need to constantly be adjusting to the flow of the match and also that changes don't happen overnight. Like you said, it takes thousands of games to discover your true expectation and can also take equally as long to really get comfortable with a new style of play. So I highly recommend that everyone who purchases this pack and is finding some difficulty applying the concepts to go back and rewatch everything as you did and try to implement the strategy in a very methodical and systematic manner.

All the best with your grind Kroma.



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