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Still actual.

Don't know what else you need to beat 15's. Runs very good after that. The best one. Thanks much for your video! And good luck at the tables)

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Hi, Just to add my request


Just to add my request among the others who asked for subtitles.  I know that it's a lot of work to do that, so maybe we could just have a simple pdf document with the text of each course (for classes only)? I think this will provide much help to people whose mother language is not english.


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one thing i´ve to say before

one thing i´ve to say before i go to bed:

I was very sceptical about this package, but i decided to orderd it this morning.

THANK you for just IMPROVING  my game that much, by just watchin 1/3 of the pack!

I will give a review when i played a decent sample sice.

What do you think, how much games schould it be, to know if your running good in the long term or not ?


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Great, I'm happy to hear your

Great, I'm happy to hear your skepticism proved to have been unnecessary ;-)

As far as sample, there's really no definite answer, but a few thousand games is a good place to start.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pack and best of luck at the tables!



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  Hello First off I wanna



First off I wanna thank you for a really good video package, what I really like about this package is that you explain complex things very well and easy to understand and that you elaborate your thoughts in the hh videos, which is really helpful. But I have a couple of question in regards to the 1$ hh video(not even sure if this is the right place to ask them, but w/e).

At 04:12, you check behind with 42s, flop comes 932r. Opponent checks behind. Turn comes 8. You lead out, which I assume is to make him fold his air/charge some type of draw, or try to get him off like 3x 2x 8x by barreling the river as well. He calls your turn bet and the river comes Kx. So all draws missed and his likely range I would assume is like 3x 2x 8x and busted draws. Here comes my question, because here you check with the reasoning that you don't see any value in betting(get worse to call I assume) and that's true and you do it with the intention to bluff-catch, because you don't expect him to thin-value bet with 3x 2x 8x type hands, completely understand that also. I guess the best thing about checking is that we get some value when he bluffs his missed draws. But the downside is that every time he checks behind these marginal showdown hands we lose, when we probably would've folded them out with a bet. So my question is, how to identify these spots where his range is weighted more towards busted draws than marginal showdown holdings?  Basically my question here is for you to elaborate why checking back here and letting him bluff his missed draws will show a higher expectation than betting and folding out his marginal holdings(which beats us).

I guess this argument goes both ways, since sometimes he won't fold his marginal hands, and sometimes he won't bluff his busted draws.

Second hand

At 09:52, you check bedhind with 36s. Flop comes 237 monotone. He checks behind the flop and turn comes Ax. You check. Villains likely range i guess 3x 2x some sd fd that for some reason he didn't bluff the flop with. So I'm guessing you check here instead of leading because 1. he'll probably bluff his air type hands here, which we want to keep in his range 2. It will put us in kind of an awkward spot on the river where we have a relatively strong hand but can't really value bet it on the river, but assuming he calls us i guess it would be a good spot to check with the intention to bluff catch I guess since it's the same opponent and we don't expect him to make thin value bets. But correct me if I'm wrong, I guess the main reason for checking here instead of betting is that we keep air in his range and that he'll most likely bet that air on the turn, correct?

Thank you


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Hi there, thank you for the

Hi there, thank you for the kind words about the pack and sorry for the long delay of this response, was out of town for a while and then had to deal with some irl issues when I got back.
Having said that, it really doesn't sound like you need much help with these spots since your analysis of them is pretty much spot on. In the first hand I don't think he has a 9x like ever obv when he checks back the flop and most likely not even a 3 or 2 since at least a part of the time (if not most/all), he'd bet those on the flop as well (not to mention there are usually very few 3x and 2x hands in weak players' limping range to begin with). So I think when he flats the turn he's highly likely to be holding 8x, draws or Ax/Kx, and since I don't expect him to ever fold 8x or Kx, there doesn't seem to be much point to betting the river. I think his betting range in this river spot is essentially Kx or air (with maybe some 8x, but most likely not even that against a passive rec) and since there are ton more air hands than Kx hands, I thought the value of bluff-catching/not value-owning myself greatly outweighed the very slim chance of folding out a better hand.

And in the second hand, when we check back to a preflop limp, it's kinda hard for us to rep an ace (especially if we have an aggro image) and at the same time it's an incredibly common bluff card for villains when we show this kind of passivity (most low-stake recs wont recognize that they dont really rep Ax or any other value hand either). For this reason I just decided to check to keep his bluffing range as wide as possible assuming he will likely take a stab at some point against my perceived weakness and the perceived good bluff-card.

Make sense?





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Bought the pack last week and

Bought the pack last week and really liked it. The parts I didn't like and half skipped is the Rollinas parts. I think it is a bit hard to understand what he is saying/how he say it. It feels like some things kinda comes out un-structurated. 


The only two big parts Im struggling at atm is the ones who are very aggresive, like very. 1hand:All in. 2hand:Re-raise. 3hand:fold 4:all in. etc. This is versus players that I've never met before. What kind of range can you make out of that aggresive start play? I've siten on K9 to K4 a dozens time and folded so unsure of what ranges he is doing maniack all in for, as well as not wanting to do the 50/50% chance play.  How do I react properly. Should I call with the Kx hands? How is it with 97s after their 3-5 All in in short time early game?

Sorry for messy message, Im just about to go to bed. 



Student who eventually gonna crush. Just learning. PM if u need a analyze-buddy.

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Stars table layout

First of all, I would like to thank authors for a great video package, it inspired me to get back in poker after 3 years of break :) 

I have question about table layout at 15$ Rollinas HH video - how can I make my stars tables look like that, my place at the bottom, opp at the top, cards, etc.? Thanks!

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Hi, go to Pokerstars

Hi, go to Pokerstars client->View->Table themes->select and install Nova Grey theme->Select cards that you like from "Front deck" options->Click apply and OK. Once you done that go to Options->Preferred Seat->Preferred Seat Settings->Select "Preferred Seat at 1-on-1 table" from the drop down menu, and click on the bottom seat. then click OK at it should be just like my theme.

Good luck, 

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hey sentin! have got a

hey sentin! have got a strategy for out of position play (limped - raised - 3betnonallin pots)? if yes is it included in the video pack? thx

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Still up to date information?

Hi Sentin,

I've been trying out the HUSNG hypers on PokerStars at the 1,5 $ buy-in level since a few weeks, but I feel like I could use some help to improve my game. That's how I got to this site, and eventually to this course made by you.

Now my main question is, is this information still up to date one year later? Has HUSNG poker changed a lot on the micro and low limits in the past year?

When I read the above comments, I hear a lot about how to play against passive players...how to run over them, and that the course is great in explaining how you can do that optimally.

But my experience with this game so far is that most players are not passive at all. I face a lot of 3-bets and open shoves early on in the game (20bb+).

Even three barrel bluffs don't work quite often because a lot of the villains are not ready to lay off A high or bottem pair.

So I'm really wondering, is the course also helpful for attacking these kinds of players? Has HUSNG hyper poker changed a lot since your course came out?;) Maybe they have all seen this course already hehe;)

And last but not least, if I struggle with some of the concepts, or if I think I'm doing the right things, but still manage to lose quite severely...would you still be able to give some support and look at some of my HH's to maybe find some of my leaks?

70 dollars is not that cheap, and my bankroll doesn't allow big investments like that, unless I know it's really worth it. And I'm sure it was a year ago, but not so sure about now:)

Excuse me if I made some errors language wise, but English isn't my main language. I hope you can read through it:)

I hope you can convince me that this course really is worth it one year later:)

With regards,



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Sentin Video Pack

Hi Fveeckho , I purchased Sentin's video pack because I would like to make HU SNG Hyperturbo a serious hobby or even part-time job.

Will you be a recreational player or do you want to make this a serious hobby? Don't buy it if you just want to play recreationally.

I agree with you that the players seem to be more aggressive than passive now. This video pack was still very helpful to me because it showed me how to be more aggressive and it taught me things I wasn't doing at the poker table , like raising button limpers and double barreling. I feel the classes are very relevant even though the grinding sessions might be a bit dated.

It's also good to listen to Sentin's thought process as he plays his hands. I'm still at the $1.50 stage but I've gone from being a losing player to a break even player ( I have a long way to go! ) .

I'm looking forward to moving up in stakes eventually and listening to his $3.50 and $7 classes.


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That's good advice. I don't

That's good advice.

I don't think the micros were way more passive or anything when this pack was made (10-12 months is a pretty short time period too). One common misconception is that you need to play tight vs aggressive players. That may be true in some full ring type games at times, but in heads up poker, you often need to fight aggression with focused aggression.

For example, say your opponent raises preflop fairly wide, then bets the flop 100% of the time in a hyper turbo. You're going to get destroyed if you're folding the flop while waiting for hands. You need to take advantage of his aggression, of him betting on boards where he's not that likely to have a hand, and by check raise bluffing him in those spots. You'd start by looking at the % of hands he folds preflop, what types of hands is he folding (or if he's limping, what types of hands he's limping), subtract those out of his preflop raising range, and look at those hands that aren't in the range, what types of boards they do well on. You want to check raise some of those boards. You would also look at the hands he does have postflop, what boards they do better on, and turn down your bluffing frequency a little bit on those boards.

There would be more to it (calling hands, bet/raise sizing, 3betting preflop), but that's just a general painted picture of how you need to be aggressive vs an aggressive player.

Another point in this pack is teaching you to feel comfortable with aggression. You'll need it at every level of heads up play. For example, something as simple as playing a lot of hands preflop. It's not quite "aggression" but it's required in heads up games, totally different from non heads up play. Players aren't often comfortable playing a lot of hands from both positions early on, and it's a big leak to fix early. Sentin takes it a step further by trying to get you comfortable with aggression in various spots, as aggression is really a fundamental necessarily to succeed against any type of player in these games.

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Sentin Video Pack

 Hi Fveeckho , if you are playing recreationally then don't buy it. If you want to make this a serious hobby or even a part-time job then I would buy the video pack.

I did that and it's added new things to my game , like being more aggressive , raising button limpers and double barreling ,things I wasn't doing before.

I agree that players are more aggressive now but Sentin's classes are still very relevant even though the grinding sessions might be outdated a bit. It's still good to hear Sentin's thought process as he plays his hands.

I'm at the $1.50 stage but have gone from being a losing player to a break even player recently ( I've a long way to go! )

I'm looking forward to hearing his $3.50 and $7 classes.

Sentin's pack is a good foundation to start with.

Hope this helps.




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Can i pay using

Can i pay using NETELLER guys? if so how :) 

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Email membership (at) husng

Email membership (at) husng (dot) com and we'll let you know all the payment options.

Neteller is not usually possible, but we have many other choices.

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Hi, just bought the pack and

Hi, just bought the pack and was wondering if you can contact the author if you have questions about the content/material presented. Can´t see any email adress anywhere and don´t want to post questions here as it might reveal some of the content of the pack,which I don´t know if the author is up to..



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Hey, thanks for asking. You

Hey, thanks for asking. You can email questions to us and we'll get them to Sentin and he'll answer them for you.

If it's a more general question or a clarification question, feel free to ask it here.

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mental game

hi there i purchased the pack last night but didnt recieve the mental game video, is that normal or is there something i have to do? thanks


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The video is on this page,

The video is on this page, it's uploaded to youtube. If you'd like a downloaded copy, just shoot us an email and we'll be happy to email it to you.


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is this pack usefull for

is this pack usefull for other formats like turbos , regulars or even 9man sngs when it goes head ups? does it give you tools to develop this aggression and ranging or its  simply some exploitative advice which is supposed to work only on hyper turbo hu format?

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For regular and turbo heads

For regular and turbo heads up sit and go formats, it can help you improve your aggression, particularly at the shorter stacks. Short stack play has shown to have a ton of edge in it, especially at lower stakes where opponents can make huge mistakes (you see guys with 5%+ ROIs in the 2.5-3 minute game format at lower levels sometimes), so if you can develop a really strong short stack game in turbos and reg speeds, you can really increase your edge.

For 9 man SNGs, I would say not likely so, no. It would only help you when you get heads up, which can be valuable of course (difference between 1st and 2nd payouts is pretty big in these games). But if you're 3-9 handed, it's not going to be relevant to you.

Hope that helps!

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Beginner Regular level

Hi! My name is Jeff and i'm from Brazil. I was thinking if i could use this video pack to learn e grow on regular speed game?

Can i apply the same tought process in the regular games? I mean... all the strategies. I know the hyper game works differently from the regular. But talking in terms of strategy, could it works for me? 

Just another question: Sentin have another video pack focused in regular games?


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Hi Jeff, The pack is focused

Hi Jeff,

The pack is focused on end game for beginners, specifically applying aggression, so it will be best for any end game situation. That does include regular and turbo speed games.

If you're looking for a pack that focuses not just on short stack play for regular speeds, the Turbo Masters Pack would cover that for you.

Sentin has no pack for regular or turbo speed, though he has some free videos in our free poker videos forum.

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Is the strategy in this pack

Is the strategy in this pack still up-to-date (it's been published more than 2 years ago) or am I better off finding an other pack?

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This is still a solid pack

This is still a solid pack for the purposes of teaching newer players how to be more aggressive in general. One of the biggest issues that newer players have is that they don't play aggressive enough.

If you're looking more for a guide package, zZzTILT and phl500's Crushing Hyper Turbos is a good choice, and if you want a new beginner all around type hyper turbo pack, Pbogz Mindset pack is a great choice.

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interesting pack, but the style is too exploitable

This was a really interesting pack because I'm sure this is exactly the mindset most over-aggressive players use. However, I think the central claim that low-stakes players fold too much is a red herring. My experience of playing unbalanced aggressive - i.e. barreling off multiple streets with no outs - is that players will shove on you a lot and/or trap. Even the most basic players are capable of adjusting to this sort of aggression. And, if you are playing this aggressively, they *should* be calling down with middle pair (or sometimes even bottom pair, with blockers).

Even beating the micro/low stakes is not straightforward and requires you to play solid ABC poker, IMHO.


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I think your comments are

I think your comments are pretty valid overall. But keep in mind that this pack is mostly designed to get weaker beginning players to feel more comfortable with aggressive play, which is a central component of any successful professional HUSNG player.

Solid ABC poker is aggressive poker in hyper HUSNGs, and while this pack is obviously an over aggressive strategy for every day play, there are many exercises in how to improve yourself from being too weak and passive, to realizing valuable concepts such as fold equity and learning to bluff.

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Where to play

Hi Sentin-

Newbie to the HUHT. I'm only about halfway through you video pack and mostly just screwing around between $1-3 BI. What sites (US unfortunately) dot you recommend playing on at the lower levels?

I got to say I was just playing DONs for a while and starting to hate the thought of playing poker, but now, HT's are a new and fun world! What a game!

Thanks in advance!


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WPN (Black Chip and America's

WPN (Black Chip and America's Room) are a good bet, Bovada is as well (though no hypers, anonymous players, and no HUDs).

Those are the two primary options for most players.

Good luck!