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Heads Up Sit and Go (HUSNG) Structures and Buyin Information for Most Poker Rooms

Click on any of the below poker room names to be taken to a dedicated thread with heads up sit and go poker buyin and structure information. If you have any questions or updates, list them in this thread or in the individual poker room thread.



iPoker Network


Ongame Network



Merge Network

Cake Network (Now Revolution Network)

America's Cardroom

Entraction Network

MicroGaming Network


IPN (Boss)



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If anybody is interested in

If anybody is interested in signing up on any of these rooms, we have PokerStars, Party Poker, iPoker and IPN offers on our Deal of the Month Page. For OnGame, Merge, America's Cardroom and a few others, you can visit our Rakeback Page.

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This is fantastic! It's great

This is fantastic! It's great to see the rake information included.

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Love it! Thanks for the info Ryan, I can tell you're putting in alot of effort to make the site as awesome as possible for subscribers. Keep up the good work!Chase

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Very, very interesting and

Very, very interesting and super useful.Anyone here play HUSNG on PKR?I do occasionally.A list of rake for that would be nice.222

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The French and Italians are being raped on Stars... ouch! :(

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cool idea, thanks for putting

cool idea, thanks for putting in the effort

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Ty! The information seems to

Ty! The information seems to be correct as well.

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Hey Ryan How about adding WPT

Hey RyanHow about adding WPT poker? It shares the player pool with PartyPoker but I think in the very beginning of online-poker (2005/6 for that matter) lots of people (like me) signed up at PP all ready, because it has been very popular. So, plenty of players shall not be able to sign up on PP trough HUSNG.comI tought, maybe it should be worth thinking about it?


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Good idea Barrin, we have

Good idea Barrin, we have that offer available to us, I've just requested it in our system now, so it should be up within a few days.

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This is great job Ryan thanks

This is great job Ryan thanks for the effort of making such a huge list

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WOW this is amazing work! Thanks!

But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!

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well done  

well done 

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Great Job Very useful Thank u

Great JobVery usefulThank u

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Entraction changes

Entraction changed their rake to 10% since April 02.

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That's absurd. I hope no one

That's absurd. I hope no one supports such greed by playing there.

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The important questions: what

The important questions: what is the rakeback like?Paying 10% rake while receiving 70% RB is much more interesting then paying 5% rake and receiving 30% RB. 


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Certainly. Very tough to list

Certainly. Very tough to list all of those details though.Most rooms you can expect at least 20% rake back via VIP systems or directly rakeback or points. On rooms like Ipoker even a low volume player is guaranteed 40% with our deal, but up to 60% is possible (and even higher during bonus clearing times or with other promos). With Merge 47% is possible, even higher with deposit bonuses and rake races factored in (but for low volume players the % is much lower). PokerStars you can expect 20-40% back in most cases (lower if you hardly ever play, higher if you play insane supernova elite type volume). Ongame varies greatly, but if you're clearing our big deposit bonus there I believe you are over 50% when everything is added up, but again, rake races are another important variable that can add 5-10% (even more in some cases), and that depends on your monthly volume.At the end of the day I'd feel comfortable saying that most professional husng grinders are getting 40% or more of their rake back on most poker rooms if they have top or near top rate deals. The deals you find on HUSNG.com should be very close to, if not the top rates for almost every poker room we offer. When you include the free membership (125 for standard and 250 for premium are our standard monthly rake requirements for free memberships, sometimes the requirement is even lower though), it's tough to find anything better for a HUSNG player (non HUSNG players of course won't benefit from the free membership, so they are likely to find better deals on sites that offer prizes that are more applicable to their game choices).Hope that helps, but feel free to make a thread in the rakeback forum if you have questions about individual rooms, deals, etc. and feel free to bump this thread with any questions as well.

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Added Ongame.it

Added Ongame.it

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I can send you infos on

I can send you infos on winamax.fr (currently the biggest room in France ) in you are interested.Just let me know  

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Yes, certainly, email to

Yes, certainly, email to rypac13@husng.com if you can please.

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Added winimax.fr

Added winimax.fr

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Adding HU MTTs would be

Adding HU MTT rake would be interesting too.For instance, Merge runs a daily HU tournament and I'm perplexed whether or not it makes sense to play it.Here's a screenshot of the structure: While it starts 150bb deep, it's a turbo with a whopping 10% rake. Contrasting this to the weekly $100+9 tournament that uses a regular speed structure, it doesn't seem great. What do you guys think about the profitability of these tournaments? Are they worth it?

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There's more than enough room

There's more than enough room to make 10% rake profitable here I believe, though I'm always a supporter of lower rake.Adding HU MTT info is a good idea. We're working on getting live heads up MTT info up on the forums too. Really going all out to make this the ultimate free, low cost and premium resource for heads up players this year.

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It starts @ 20/40 so it

It starts @ 20/40 so it begins 75bb deep. I'm sure you're right that they're profitable but it's probably not worth it if you can get action at similar stakes in 2-mans. There's so much luck in MTTs already that I'd want lower rake and a deeper structure. If anyone has experience with these, please chime in!I'm looking forward to Merge's Sunday HU MTT though. It seems like a better structure for the same rake (especially if they still have 5k stacks). Assuming it didn't get cancelled, I'm surprised I don't see it in the scheduled tournament listing.

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Oh I thought it started 150bb

Oh I thought it started 150bb deep and I was calculating it that way.Starting 75bb makes it a lot less attractive I believe.

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Yeah, I wrote 150bb at first

Yeah, I wrote 150bb at first thinking it began @ 10/20 for some inexplicable reason.

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on a tournament that size

on a tournament that size with that structure if it's not filled with good regs, you could probably get away paying 50% rake, and on average you're only going to play 2 rounds anyway, so it's def worth for the hourly. Incidentally that is almost exactly the old FTP regspeed structure, except with 5 min blinds instead of 6min and all chip amounts doubled ;)

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I don't know about 50% rake

I don't know about 50% rake but you're probably right that they're worth playing::)

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Nice win!

Nice win!

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This is a great idea.  I

This is a great idea.  I personally created all of the NLHE SNG structures, buy-ins, and rake for the Revolution Gaming network so if there's a really good idea there's a pretty good chance I can get it implemented there.Speaking of, the Cake network (now Revolution) rake & structure information listed is extremely outdated.    Thanks & GL,  Jared     http://www.jaredhubbard.com/ http://twitter.com/jhubpoker http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jared-Hubbard-Poker/221586851240049  

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any info about PS.es? Cheers

any info about PS.es?Cheers

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What about "new" FTP?

What about "new" FTP?

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Someone has been hired to

Someone has been hired to update this list. They haven't done so yet, so I may reassign it to someone else.
If new FTP has any changes they will be reflected soon. We'll find .es, .it, etc. soon and update that as well.

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Not sure if it's still in the

Not sure if it's still in the works but it would be sick if there was a comprehensive schedule for all online HU MTTs.



TWITTER  @Sentin9&

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Man, like one guy out of four

Man, like one guy out of four that has done this before has completed it.
I'm going to hire the guy that previously did it, he's reliable, and we'll get it updated ASAP. Not sure about HU MTTs, but that sounds like a good idea.

Is most of this information

Is most of this information up to date 

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It depends which room you're

It depends which room you're asking about. The list hasn't been updated this year, but many rooms have the same info still. A few are drastically different though.