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Hi! May be you have

Hi! May be you have reactivated it on second PC too. Because i saw this problem when reactivated on frist PC and after second pc reactivation, first PC had error. I wrote to Igor yesterday and he answered that now Coffecalcs can be activated at 1 PC only and they speak with HUSNG about activation on 2 PC, if u want to use it at another PC you have to reactivate it every time. Very bad for me, because 1 have 2 PC: one at work and second at home, and reactivate it every time is not good for me. Hope they will change all back and we can use it at 2 PC again without reactivation.

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One way you can get around

One way you can get around this is by using a vpn.

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Amazing soft

I just get it today, and it´s great, I only want to start to get use to work with it.


Thanks for this software.

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Hi i just buy Coffeecalcs and i got the mail but when i m going to open it it still say me cant validate coffeeCalcs license....

How much time usually need to wait??

Can i use it on 2 pc??


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I am a bit disappointed because coffeecalcs seems very buggy. For example if I put post flop equity caclulator and rightclick villains made hands to pick for example top pair and big kickers, then I leftclick in front of Heros range same section I get this screen opened http://puu.sh/fw0fr/04757e26d4.png but I cant tick any hands. I can change % of the strenght of range though. It works sometimes and sometimes dont. Is it bug or am I just not understading something?


Also choosing range from preflop calculator is tilting because it automatically ticks hands I did not choose. If I for example tick 87s it might tick/untick some hand next to it also. And yes I am confident I did click only the 87s hand.


Idea of the progam is good but bugs should be fixed asap.

Hyper turbo Heads Up Is My Game

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Everything looks good, here.

Everything looks good, here. Try change this (see picture).





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Any plans on adding 3 handed stuff in the future?

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Not currently, the programmer

Not currently, the programmer is working on updates to the 2 handed, and he plays a lot of 2 handed poker himself (he's a $60s reg at the moment I believe). We'll see though, there are only so many hours in the day for him :)

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Do I have to buy PT4 to be able to use it ? 

I'm HM2 user.

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You don't need any tracking

You don't need any tracking software (PT4 or HEM2) for this program. It is a stand alone HUSNG calculator.

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Just bought it.But it

Just bought it.

But it stated: "Can't validate the license" 

Payment was successful but I can't use the program. What should I do ? 

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Same here :(. How long till

Same here :(. How long till validation after you receive the email ?

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The programmer activates

The programmer activates users a few times a day, so within 12 hours is common. I don't think I've heard of it taking more than 24 hours ever either.

If it's taken over 24 hours, please email us and I'll see what is going on.


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Imported strategies don't

Imported strategies don't include the notes listed when they were exported.


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Strategy Frequencies error when using weights?

Maybe I don't understand this correctly but let's say I'm in SB and my range is AA & KK. I want to "Min Raise | Flat | Call Shove" with half combos of AA and half of KK and with the other half I want to "Min Raise | Shove | Call Shove". My strategy frequencies should be VPIP: 0.9%, MNR: 0.9% & M/4B : 50% but CoffeeCalcs only counts half of the combos and says I'm VPIPing 0.5% and 4Betting 100%.

Also I think a "Clear" button in the Pre-flop Strategy Planner would be useful.

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Hey bAdJQKe10, thanks for

Hey bAdJQKe10, thanks for pointing that out. There was a small calculations error and it's fixed already. Please run your copy of CoffeeCals and it will message you about a new version being available. And about "Clear" button in the Pre-flop Strategy Planner, I'll add with future program updates. Thanks for your feedback!

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I would be interested in this

I would be interested in this program if it supported spin and go (so 3 handed play).

It´s weird that cofee release this huge spin and go package but do not update his calculating program to work with it.

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Igor is the programmer. Adam

Igor is the programmer. Adam (Coffeeyay) contributed a lot of the ideas that have made CoffeeCalcs so strong for HUSNGs in the first place, and the name CoffeeCalcs made sense given the valuable contribution.

But the work required to make it 3 handed likely means there is going to be some sort of fee for that. The software was built to be the strongest for HUSNGs, and all the decisions made were focused on the game of HUSNGs, since no software out there has all the features that this one does, even if some software works for multiple games.

Coffeeyay's pack is all his own work, so it's a different story. Though, for example, Coffeeyay has a HUSNG pack, and a 3 handed (Spins) pack, sold separately.

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Is a 3 handed version in the

Is a 3 handed version in the works? And if so, speculation on extra price?

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Yes, 3-handed version is

Yes, a 3-handed version is under development and in the future it will be available on husng.com. The price on this 3-handed version will be a little higher. Current users will be able to upgrade by paying that small price difference.

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never mind I see this post is

never mind I see this post is from the programmer.

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PreFlop Equity

Are there plans to add visualization of equity for preflop ranges in postflop equity math or displaying equity of hand vs range in hand mode preflop ?

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Came here to post exactly

Came here to post exactly this :). Been working with CoffeeCalcs for a couple of days now and it's a great program but would be nice to see RangeVsRange and HandVsRange preflop equities so I don't have to constantly switch to Equilab or Flopzilla. I don't know if this would be possible with two ranges but would also be nice that Range partitioner is also active for preflop so when you enter a range you see what you can expect to hit on flop like Flopzilla does. Thanks

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Hi bAdJQKe10. I just added

Hey guys. I just added all that features you are asking for to the my to-do list and I'll try to implement it as soon as possible. Right now I'm working at the other few features so can't give you any time frame when it will be done. Thanks for your feedback.



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This is not important and

This is not important and very useful anyway but I'm writing it here just to let you know that there might be a little error when computing Push/Fold equilibrium for more than 35BB's. You can see that by changing perspective from hero in SB to hero in BB.

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Hi bAdJQKe10. Thanks for

Thanks for pointing that out. It's pretty interesting why we have different results when stack sizes are dipper then 35 bbs. I'll need some time to find out why we have it like that and I'll message the result here.


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I recently had to reinstall my complete PC and such I lost everything I had not manually exported.

If possible, can you indicate which windows files I have to copy as alternative to exporting everything manually which can be a big task?

If so, after I reinstalled CoffeeCalcs again; I just copy/replace these backed-up files to the folder and such when I open CoffeeCalcs everything is again there?

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Hey Spike, you shouldn't lost

Hey Spike, you shouldn't lose any data from your CC unless you were using a very old version of the program and now was updating it. It shouldn't be a problem with future updates, but if you want to be extra cautious, please copy and save all files with *.dll extensions from the installation folder between the updates. I'm really sorry if you have lost some data that was important for you.

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something is wrong with the

something is wrong with the nashpush range, when i move the slider when choosing ranges and i have it nashpush I get non nash push ranges. For example at 75% i have not in the range Q3 and Q2 (8 and 7 BB) but i do have 82s and 62s (2 BB deep)

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Hey Waterd103, your question

Hey Waterd103, your question is not fully clear for me. To give you an answer, could you please send the screenshots with the setups you are talking about to the email address team.evdiff@gmail.com? Thanks.

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license problem

Hey, today while turning on the program I've got the message "Can't validate CeffeeCalcs license". What might be the problem?


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If it's the same computer as

If it's the same computer as you usually use and you are using CoffeeCalcs regularly (not like a 1 month gap between use), I do not know at all.

If you haven't used it in awhile, the licensing system changed. If you're trying from a different computer, it has some restrictions built in to prevent sharing.

In any of these cases, email team.evdiff@gmail.com, Igor will take care of you (he's the programmer).

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Hey can some one confirm

 Can some confirm that If a 3 handed version is released. That there will be a reasonable upgrade price. Not buying it as separate products. I would like to purchase this today so would appreciate the info.

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It won't be a separate

It won't be a separate product, it will be an upgrade. It won't cost nearly as much as CoffeeCalcs does, but it does require a good amount of work from the developer.

The goal of CC was to build a program for HUSNGs, one that functioned better than anything else out there for this game. Obviously, Spins came out since CC was created, and Spins are closest to HUSNGs, and so many play both, so it does make sense to work on some Spins add on, and to not make it a separate product.

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Antivirus detection

My antivirus detects coffeecalcs as a virus. Could you please explain what behavior of coffeecalcs is likely triggering the heuristics hit? I assume it is a heuristic detection and not an actual malware signiture... :p 

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Hey gimz, there are only two

Hey gimz, there are only two places where CoffeeCalcs interacts with the "outside word":

- checking over the internet the information about the license and if there are any updates available

- reading/writing files where all predefined setups are saved

This is the first time I've ever heard about CoffeeCalcs being blocked by antivirus. To be safe please make sure that the CoffeeCalcs installation file you are using  was downloaded directly from husng.com but not from any other place.

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More general weighted ranges

Hi guys,

first, thanks for the great tool.

Would it be possible to add the possibility, both in the preflop and postflop tab, to have a button where you input some range as a string? 

Also, and more important, it would be great to be able to input ranges with arbitrary weights. The syntax (already used by Holdem Ressources Calculator after my request, would be something like)

One possibility would be to give as input some string like:


AA-JJ, AKo:0.57, 66:0.13, TT

which stands for AA-JJ and TT are played 100%, AKo is played 57% and 66 is played 13%.


or, with an example with every hand weight specified:


98s:1.00,K2o:0.45,T5o:0.12,K3o:0.63,A7s:0.26,A7o:0.36,T7s:0.89, ...

It would be great if you could implement this in the near future, and should not be very difficult to do so.



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More general weighted ranges +1

+1 on this, was coming here to request the exact same feature although with a syntax like [weight]hand[/weight] instead, to be in line with GTORB, CREV and flopzilla syntax and make it easier to copy paste between the different programs.

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Hey guys. Thanks for your

Hey guys. Thanks for your feedback and sure, I'll be able to implement those features as requested. I'm kind of busy right now and won't be able to do that by the end of this month but I'm almost sure that I'll show up with an update at the beginning of next one.

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Is it possible to add

Is it possible to add 3handed?

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Hi zoozy, this feature and a

Hi zoozy, this feature and a lot of other new features will be released with the next version of CCs (CoffeeCalcs 2), which we are planing to have ready by the end of the year.

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Automatically close when PS client open


Since CoffeeCalcs is not in the allowed programs list for PS, would it be possible to add a feature that auto-closes the program if the PS client opens? Just that today I had it open and forgot to close it when I opened PS and got an email warning from them about it. Don't want to run the risk of forgetting again to then have my account closed.


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^ agree with above   also

^ agree with above


also would be nice if we could open the range builder separately because i am sure that small part (actually its a REALLY good part) would be allowed when game is open

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Is a trial avalaible?


Do you offer a trial period for coffee calcs? Would like to play with it to see what it can do.



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You can download and play

You can download and play with it free. It has some features disabled, but you'll get a good idea of how it works.

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Ill check it out. Would you

Ill check it out. Would you say that this does everything ICMIZER does but adds postflop analysis as well?

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I have a question about the

I have a question about the strategy planned in this CoffeeCalc.
Can these predefined stratrégies are still valid today?
I assume that these strategies were created to play against a random player without read. Is such a strategy are valid any limits? And if it is no longer valid, is there any place on the site or you can import new strategy made by good players? :)
thank you :)

sorry for my english

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up No one to tell me what to

No one to tell me what to think of the default preset strategy calc coffee has the current time? : D

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I deleted my preloaded

I deleted my preloaded strategies a while ago so cant comment on them.

however coffeecalcs is sold as a tool for you to develop your own strategies, and so i doubt that the preloaded charts are intended to be a robust readless strategy for beating games.

i'm not aware of any players openly sharing their preflop strategies. a good way to develop your own would be to either join a study group,  or [if your bankroll and ambition can justify it] hire a coach to help you develop preflop ranges.




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Hi Aouny, all default ranges

Hi Aouny, all default ranges in the CoffeeCalcs were created for guidance only and to let you know what the ranges can look like. Normally, you have to create your own ranges based on your opponent(s) statistics and with using "Pre-flop Shove Math" part. In this video, you can see how you can build your ranges on your own: https://youtu.be/FVqUMWoj6aM . I hope this helps.